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Why You Should Regularly See A Doctor


Going to see a doctor regularly should be seen as an investment in your health – an important investment at that. This is because regular check up can help to catch diseases, ailments, and any other medical problems that you may be suffering from early, thus making them more treatable. This is more true for older people who become more susceptible to problems as they grow older and to men, who tend to not look after themselves as what women do. 

As people grow older, they should make sure that they book in for annual check ups – this is even despite there being no visible signs of any sort of medical issue. When at the doctors clinic, they are able to monitor your health and compare your results from your last visit. However, because of the busy lives that we all now live and the waiting lists that exist just to see a doctor for a consultation, an easier way of doing this for some people is over the telephone. 

How regular should you see a doctor?

Although there is no one amount of time that you should leave between doctors visits, you need to take into account things such as your age and your current state of health in order to determine what is regular enough for you. Some of the things that you should consider are when did the doctor recommend that you return for a follow up medical? Have you been for a follow up medical? And/or have your symptoms or your general health condition deteriorated since your last medical? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with a doctor sooner rather than later. Some of the conditions can be very serious and some can also be very minor. The most important thing is that they are caught in the early stages, so as to prevent any further complications down the line. For example, early stages of genital warts may seem like a minor issue at first, but if left untreated, they can lead to more serious health complications such as cancer. Therefore, it’s crucial to see a doctor as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms.

How to get the most out of seeing a doctor?

If you are not comfortable going to see a doctor all by yourself, then it is perfectly fine to bring someone else into the consultation with you. Having another person there with you can be great for emotional support and for getting you to and from the appointment if you are in no fit state to get there independently by yourself. 

Before going into the consultation with the doctor, you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish from it and what information you need to tell the doctor. It is also helpful to bring along with you a list of any medication that you are currently taking and maybe even a pen and a pad of paper so that you can take any notes – this is especially helpful if you have a poor memory. 

What a doctor might offer you

If you visit a doctor just before the flu season and if you fall into one of the at risk categories, then you may be offered a flu jab – regardless of what you originally went to visit your doctor for. Depending on your age and pre existing health conditions, you may also be offered a series of other shots.

David Smith