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Why Online Dating Might Be Right For You – Are Free Websites A Myth?


Are you having a hard time finding a romantic partner? And, you have heard of online dating, but it just doesn’t seem right for you, does it? I am guessing you decided that not by research, but simply by putting the thought of “another failure” in your head. Well, let me be honest. Confidence is the key, both in the real and in the virtual world. Useful content.

Pay To Play? Not exactly!

Now, naturally, when you are not sure of succeeding in something, you don’t really feel like spending money on that. (Side note: Isn’t that what dating is all about?) That’s why you don’t even bother to take your chances on online dating. With all the expenses in your life, you don’t need another one. Especially not the one that could just turn out to be like flushing your cash down the toilet…

At some point in your life, however, you must have come across “free dating websites”. Still, you are no fool. You know how those work. They offer you a couple of free features in order to get you hooked on the site and the next thing you know – these are draining your wallet. Right?

Well, not in Canada, my friend. In the Land of Maple Leaf, everything is just as it is. If something says free, then it’s absolutely free. And if they provide free healthcare, why wouldn’t they offer you some free websites as well? Oh, stop it; I know it cannot be compared. But, the point is, these websites are not just another myth.

Here are a few more myths on the topic: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/close-encounters/201412/4-myths-about-online-dating-exposed

Change Of Heart Much? Or…?

Well, well, well… How the tables have turned. Now you are thinking: “If it’s free, there’s not much harm in checking it out. If nothing else, I’ll save myself some bucks by going on all kinds of disastrous blind dates”.

As the tone of that thought suggests, you’re still going about it the wrong way, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the benefits of this method and continuing to think that it will only by a waste of time. Oh, come on, who turned you into such a pessimist? And where did that get you so far?

It’s about time you changed that attitude. Believing is the first step towards achieving. So, grab all those prejudices and throw them in the dumpster. Instead of focusing on the negative, why not focus on positive sides of the online world?

If you won’t take my word for it, there’s always the option of finding some CanadaDatingSites – best dating reviews and checking this out for yourself. But, let me just quickly take you through some of the benefits of meeting people this way. Apart from the one I already mentioned – staying away from unnecessary expenses.

What Do You Mean “Awkward”?

You usually go on dates with people you don’t know much about. That means you can never know in advance whether you two will hit it off. When you don’t, things might get a bit awkward. Unpleasant silence, uncomfortable questions… and no way to escape.

Yet, when you meet someone online, you will make sure to have at least a few things in common before eventually meeting IRL. That way, you will save yourself the trouble of desperately trying to find the right conversation starter while knowing nothing about a specific person. Plus, if things get awkward online, you can always leave the conversation – no harm done.

A 3 A.M. “Date” – Sure, Why Not?

In a bar: – “I’d love to get to know you better. Say, Friday night?” – “Oh, I would absolutely love to, but Friday doesn’t work for me. How about Sunday afternoon?” – “I’m sorry, rather busy on Sundays. Never mind, I’m sure we can arrange something sometime soon”. And that’s the story of how you never got to “know each other better”.

Online, on the other hand, you can chat about your interests any time that suits you. It can even be 3 A.M. in the morning. While it would be weird to go on a first date at that hour, it certainly isn’t weird to engage in conversation over the phone and learn something new about the person on the other side.

David Smith