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When is it Necessary to Hire a Mason?

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Masons work with multiple materials, including bricks, blocks, and stones. These professionals provide many services to home and business owners. Understanding the signs to look for when mason work becomes necessary is essential. 

Significant Signs a Home or Business Needs Masonry Work

Homes and businesses with brick or stone walls are going to need a mason at some point because these structures can experience damage and do not last forever. Exposure to the elements, freezing and thawing, and ground settling may lead to problems with masonry. If a home or business owner notices the following signs, they need services from a mason

  • Vertical cracks are normal and occur because of natural settling. The problem comes in when the fissures become bigger. Larger vertical cracks will allow moisture to get inside, which can cause water damage and the need for repairs. 
  • Bulging bricks are also a sign of problems with masonry. When bricks begin to swell or sink in, these problems arise because of an influx of moisture. The water exposure causes the bricks to warp and sink in or push out. 
  • Deteriorating mortar should prompt home and business owners to contact a mason. When there is no mortar to buffer the bricks, they can begin to break down. Eventually, disintegrating mortar leads to catastrophic brick damage, so homeowners should never ignore this problem. 

If a homeowner notices problems with their masonry, it is critical to act quickly. Some homeowners attempt to save money by waiting on repairs, but this is not wise. Having a professional mason come out and inspect the damage will ensure home and business owners seek the correct repairs. 

Tips for Hiring a Mason

Once a property owner realizes they need a mason, finding a suitable professional becomes critical. Hiring a mason begins with the following tips. 

  • Property owners should pursue bids from at least three contractors. While price is influential, this is not the only reason for seeking three bids. By pursuing three mason contractors, owners can meet with each one and learn important facts that assist them in deciding. 
  • Always get references for masonry repair and installation. A masonry contractor must be reliable and trustworthy. A sound way to learn about a mason is to ask for references and contact each one. Asking pertinent questions of the references will provide valuable information on the level of service offered by these professionals. 
  • Asking for a portfolio is also critical for property owners. A masonry contractor should offer photos of projects they have completed. Portfolios allow potential customers to learn about the expertise of the mason and what they can expect from hiring them. 
  • Confirm that the contractor is licensed and insured. When interviewing for a bid, the contractor should bring proof of their license and insurance. If the contractor cannot provide assurance, home and business owners should look elsewhere for their masonry services. 
  • It is also essential to ask about the timeline of the project. A masonry contractor should be able to determine the approximate length of the project. Knowing how long the repairs or installation will take will assist property owners in preparing. 

Rely On Professional Masons

By hiring professionals, home and business owners will ensure their masonry projects will be built precisely. Masons provide a wide array of repair and installation services. With the tips above, property owners will have no trouble finding the right professional for the job.

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