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What Is Bitmoji And What Are Different Bitmoji Meanings In Snapchat?

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Bitmoji Definition, What Do They Mean?

You are probably familiar with Emoji that you can use to express your feelings online, but fortunately, there are also Bitmoji that are more personal and can be used to customize our profile pictures more realistically and can be used on various social media accounts, not just in Snapchat.

Bitmoji is an application for the creation of a little cartoon version of you and it is very simple to use. You can create a personal avatar, and you can use this avatar to express yourself when you email someone or chat because it goes along with different expressions, reactions, and GIFs.

It is owned by Snap Inc. but it was originally developed by a Canadian company called Bitstrips which was one of the first companies which realized the real potential of avatars.

The difference between Snapchat Emoji and Bitmoji is that Bitmoji can be used on different social media platforms ( Slack, Facebook, iMessage, Gboard) and can work with Gmail as well. In fact, you do not need Snapchat to work with Bitmoji. It is a completely separate application, but if you use both applications together, you can use another unique feature Friendmojis, just with your close friends and it is a combination of Bitmoji with your friend’s creations.

To create a Bitmoji avatar is very simple and you need to download the application, which is a Bitmoji maker you have many options to create it, you can dress your avatar in various outfits, and personalize it to look just like you  – the same hair color, hairstyle, chin, eyes color, etc. It is a real discrete virtual identity of you.

In the end, you can create a Bitmoji keyboard, containing all the Bitmoji stickers that you can use whenever you like.

You can even use your own selfie to create a Bitmoji and this feature is available for first-time users and maybe not be available to all users. You can create Bitmoji from photos and it will resemble yourself. (1)

You need to allow the application to access your camera, take the picture, and select an avatar that looks like you and it is your matching Bitmoji.

Bitmojis Are Very Personal Emojis That Can Improve The Social Bonding

Bitmoji avatars have précised expressions and they can be manipulated in hundreds of different emotional social scenarios, expressions, and states. Sometimes the creation itself can be too detailed and requires too much attention, but the whole process is very intuitive and you just know what kind of nose or eyes you have, so you will be pleased with your own Bitmoji creation at the end.

Bitmojis are personalized digital puppets that have interchangeable features, so even the mouth can have different positions, your eyebrows can turn into a sympathetic display and using Bitmoji, you look into your partner’s eyes and say it with a pink text I miss you or apologize with I am sorry. You really feel the presence in the chat and Bitmoji can really improve the social bonding because they are very personal and they are really more personal avatars than emojis.  (2)

But strange thing is that people usually have such an intense bond with these avatars and even begin to behave like them in real life and mimic their emotions, according to one study from Stanford University. (3)

Why Do Some Bitmojis Have Umbrellas?

Bitmojis have different poses and the Actionmojis (Bitmojis that conceptualize your place on the Snap map) can locate your place and know if you are moving, the time of the day, and the speed of your travel,  so if the application thinks that you are on a beach, it will show your Bitmoji lying under an umbrella, or if the umbrella it is in your hands, it means that it is raining in the place where you are at the moment. This can be done only if you are active in the Snapchat application and you use the Snap Map that enables your friends to see where you are and what are you doing at the moment.

In some cases, Bitmojis have a weather effect and bring the forecast to your area, and your avatar can include rain, snow, and sun.

Why Is Everyone Turning Their Bitmoji Purple?

There is an explicable trend that showed up recently and many Snapchat users have noticed that their Bitmoji has turned purple.

Probably the whole idea came from TikTok, where a user named @lexishabo suggested in a video that all the girls should change their Bitmoji to purple while the boys should have a teal color.

The video became very popular, so even the boys changed their Bitmojis and changed their Bitmoji to purple.

You can even notice that many Snapchat users changed their Bitmoji in other colors as well, like blue and green that counterattacking the purple Bimojis and all this seems to be a trend among Snapchat users, and they seem to choose sides based on their gender. So, when boys changed into purple, this annoyed the girls and vice-versa; when some girls turned their Bimojis in blue, this annoyed the boys.

 So, probably there is no real reason why everyone turned their Bitmojis in purple or blue apart from gender-based Movement.

What Does It Mean When A Bitmoji Has Hearts Around Its Head?

When you change your Bitmoji selfie, one of the options you can choose is to put hearts around the selfie. You can use this Bitmoji when you try to flirt and convey affection to a person with whom you chat.

There are also 4 types of hearts that can appear around the head automatically: yellow, red, pink, and gold. If there is a gold heart next to the user, that means that they replayed their friend’s snaps in the last 24 hours… The yellow means that they send snaps very often, the pink that two friends have been sending snaps for 2 months now, and the red hearts mean that they have been best friends for two weeks now.

What Does It Mean When Your Bitmoji Is Red?

Bitmoji allows you to have all types of colors you like, not just the natural ones. Apparently, there is no obvious reason why people change the color of their skin on their Bitmoji avatars, apart from taking red for a girl and blue avatars for a boy. 

What Does A Gray Bitmoji Mean? 

Snapchat can work even if people are just following you and you are not friends. You have added them as your friends, but they never added you back. But, you can use a trick to check this betrayal.

One way to check whether your friend is not actually your friend and did not accept your friendship offer is by the fact that your snaps are never sent and they exist in your history as pending grey arrows and never turn into another color, and their icon remains grey when you send them snaps.

Another thing you can do is to go to your profile, click on the list of your friends, and you will see who has added you and who has deleted you as a friend. If they added you back as your friend, their Snapscore would appear under their username.

But, when you send them snaps and their profile remains grey, it means that they deleted you as a Snapchat friend or you haven’t accepted your friend request.

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  1. Oh wow, I had no idea Bitmoji had so many different meanings! I’m totally going to start using them more often now. Thanks for sharing this info! 😊


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