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What do you need to write a perfect essay?


More often than not, people take essay writing to be a hectic, difficult and complicated task. This does not have to be the case. Understanding of rules and regulations to be followed when writing an essay makes it easier for most students to learn how to write Custom Essay Meister. There is a format and essay steps to be followed when writing a great essay. This combined with thorough research on the topic to be discussed and good grammar goes a long way in improving the quality of essays written. The format of an essay is as shown in the image below. 

How do I start writing an essay?

The first part in an essay writing format is the picking of a topic. Sometimes, the topic is given by the examiner. Where the topic is not given, the writer has the freedom to choose one of their liking. This may mean more work for the writer as they need to think deeply about the topic they want. The choice of a topic may be determined by whether one wants to write a persuasive or an educative essay. If one wants to write an educative essay, it is advisable to choose a topic that they are well conversant and knowledgeable in. If the intention is to persuade, then one should choose a topic that they are passionate about. A good understanding of the topic enables one to have ideas on what to write and know how the ideas will follow each other in the essay.

The second part of the essay involves the creation of a thesis. The thesis enables the reader to understand the purpose and intention of the essay. A thesis statement consolidates all the main points to be discussed in the essay and focuses them into a sentence or two. It is a very key component of the essay and needs to be exceptionally written (Warburton, 2016). It helps to guide the writer and ensure they do not stray from the topic or intended argument. Some students may find this a bit hard or maybe busy hence opt to use write my essay for me co UK, a custom paper writers service to aid with writing. However, if the student is able to obtain the right topic and complete a research, it will become easier to know what the essay will be discussing and come up with the thesis statement.

How do I write an essay like a pro?

The creation of thesis is then followed by writing of an introduction. The introduction should be intriguing enough to capture the attention of the reader. It acts like a hook. It should convince the reader to take their time and read the essay. The introduction may give a brief background about the topic being discussed. The thesis statement that the writer had created is included in the last sentence of the introduction to help the reader get the main ideas the writer intends to expound on in the body of the essay. (1)

Following the writing of the introduction is the writing of the body. The body of the essay argues and explains the topic. The ideas arising from the topic are now expounded on. The body is divided into paragraphs where each paragraphs begins with a topic sentence. The topic sentence presents the idea to be discussed in the paragraph. One needs to have done thorough and in depth research on their topic so as to have enough material to include in the body. Writing the body may be time consuming hence some students opt to seek help from a custom essay service

What makes a good essay?

The conclusion is the last part of an essay. It restates the thesis statement to ascertain and prove that the essay did fulfil and accomplish its purpose. Basically, a conclusion is a summary of the main ideas of the essay. No new ideas should be brought up in the conclusion. The conclusion should give the reader a sense of closure on the topic that has been discussed in the essay. In addition, the conclusion helps in giving the essay a final thought from the different discussions and arguments that have been made all over the body. In case the essay was not argumentative and did not have a thesis statement, the conclusion helps in giving a final stand to the essay.

How can I write more intelligently?

Once the essay is complete, the writer needs to proofread the essay. This enables them to correct any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that they may have made in the essay. Reading the essay aloud makes it easier to note the mistakes made. They may also give the essay to a second party to proofread since the second party may spot some mistakes they may have missed. There are professional proofreading services online that also help with the same. Some students that lack enough time to study and also write an essay choose to pay for essay writing and proofreading services. One of the most commonly used online proofreading services is grammarly.com.

It is important for the writer to use credible sources when obtaining information to use in the essay. A credible source is one that is an accurate date, reliable and trustworthy to the writer. It is unbiased and the information given in credible sources is backed up by evidence. Some examples of credible sources include; material from google scholar, research articles written by respected authors, academic databases  articles published within the last 10 years and information from websites registered by government and educational institutions. The information from the sources should be cited in the essay. The writer should also include references at the end of the essay to indicate the books and sources from which they got information for the essay.

In addition to the above essay writing tips, the writer may also get a few more essay tips from the image below;

In conclusion, with the right information and knowledge of essay writing, it is quite easy to write an essay. The writer needs to ensure they have fully understood the topic they are to write about. They should ensure that their grammar, punctuation, and flow from sentence to sentence are up to par. With the tips on how to pick a topic, create a thesis, write an introduction, and write a body and conclusion for the essay, the writer is armed well enough to write a great essay.

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