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Use Balloon Sticks and Cups Right!


Balloons have long become an integral part of our party lives, helping us create a festive mood not only during the celebrations but also on weekdays. Latex, Mylar, Bubbles, and Confetti items look so wonderful that you do not want to let them go! Well, you can conveniently hold inflatables and carry them everywhere using the special balloon sticks that help you fix the ball.

However, many are still wondering how to quickly and easily attach an item to a stick having no threads or other supplies at hand? Believe us, you won’t need them!

This short guide will help you learn how to easily cope with this task and get a guaranteed result. This, in its turn, can help to quickly decorate the room, make nice gifts for your business promotions, and please your children at a kids’ party!

What are some fascinating ways to use balloons on sticks?

Check out these tips on how to use inflatables with sticks:

  • you can give a balloon on a stick to young guests at a children’s birthday as a keepsake of your holiday;
  • you can use balloons on a stick as heroes for your home puppet show;
  • you can divide the kids into teams by marking each table at the children’s party with one or another animal ball (for example, the “Lions”, “Elephants”, “Ducklings” team, etc.).

What supplies do you need to have?

To learn how to use balloon sticks and cups right, you will need:

  • latex balloon;
  • an air pump;
  • plastic stick with a cup.

How to use balloon sticks and cups right: a step-by-step tutorial

So, let’s start!

  • Take a ball in one hand and a pump in the other. Insert the tip of the pump into the neck of the balloon and pump it with air. Do not overdo it, since the ball may burst.
  • Gently but tightly clamp the lower part of the ball with the index, ring, and thumb of your left hand. This will keep the air from escaping, and the balloon will not deflate while you do your next manipulations.
  • With the fingers of the right hand, take the free tip of the ball and pull it far away. Be gentle and do not pull too hard to ensure that the latex does not tear. Do not rush, it is better to do everything slowly.
  • Now, use your left hand to turn the ball around its axis and down counterclockwise to form a latex loop near the fingers of the right hand.
  • Then, pass the free edge of the ball into this loop and tighten the knot.
  • Now, clamp the end of the ball between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. Hold the loop with your thumb.
  • Take a balloon stick with a cup fixed at its end in the right hand.
  • Insert the free edge of the ball into the outlet hole.
  • Now, pull it out, and then pass the cup under the spoke and insert it into the protrusion of the cup. Thus, the tip of the free edge of the ball is hidden between the cup and the ball. (1)

How to use balloon sticks and cups right: a quicker option

Now we will share with you a tip on how to tie balloons if you’re running out of time! You can do this without creating a knot. In this case, you should use another algorithm:

  • Inflate a balloon using an air pump.
  • Clamp the free edge with the fingers of the left hand so that the air does not come out.
  • Take a balloon stick with a cup in your right hand.
  • Holding the stick in your hand, we pull the free end of the ball, making sure that the air does not escape.
  • Gently insert the edge into the hole of the outlet, and pull it back again, making sure that the latex does not tear.
  • Wrap the edge around the stick and cup several times. At the same time, make sure that the latex fits snugly against the plastic.
  • Then, fix the free end into the cup gap — now, it is invisible from the outside. The item now looks very neat, doesn’t it?
Felicia Wilson


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