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Things to Expect When You Undergo the 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training


Do you work in a high-risk workplace or are exposed to hazardous materials? If that’s the case, you must undergo the 40-hours HAZWOPER training course. This is required for workers exposed to hazardous materials at levels or beyond OSHA’s allowable exposure limits.

So, if you plan on taking the 40-Hour HAZWOPER training, you’re probably curious or want to know what to expect when you have the 40-hour HAZWOPER training. In this article, let us discover the topics to cover and the course overview.


HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. It’s actually a series of safety guidelines created by OSHA, and it’s part of the U.S. Department of Labor. The federal government’s power actually backs it, and the HAZWOPER guidelines are important to those whose job tasks bring them or the employees exposed to gases, liquids, and other damaging materials.

Under HAZWOPER regulations, the workers who are involved in removing or cleaning hazardous materials from worksites should undergo an acceptable level of training and must be able to prove that they have reached the proper degree of mastery related to the subject.

Those who should follow to OSHA HAZWOPER standards include:

  • Those who perform or oversee cleanup duties at dangerous-waste locations
  • Those who oversee and perform hazardous-waste elimination jobs at the storage, disposal site, or treatment
  • And those who perform or oversee waste removal at any place where the services are compulsory.

Laborers and supervisors should follow HAZWOPER guidelines and accomplish training/educational requirements. The supervisor should undergo the same training as the employee they oversee. In fact, the amount of training required depends on the tasks for which they are in charge. 

However, the general laborer at the site is expected to have that completed 40 hours of HAZWOPER instruction of the OSHA HAZWOPER and even the 3 days hands-on training. They should also take the refresher course every year. (1)

Feature of the Course 

This is an online course that satisfies the 40 hour HAZWOPER training requirement. It also requires a score of at least 70 percent or even higher. It’s fully narrated and comes with interactive exercises and real-world scenarios. You can also have unlimited attempts to pass the module quiz and the final exam. 

Once the course is complete, you’ll likely receive an official certificate of completion that you can download and print instantly. You may also provide a certificate to your employer to prove your training and download another anytime for other purposes. 

40-hour HAZWOPER Training: What the Course Entails? 

This course covers different topics and safety procedures that apply to workers responsible for cleaning up and handling dangerous materials, including hazardous waste.

The topics covered include: 

  • Safety plans and site preparation
  • Toxicology 
  • Struck by hazards 
  • Identify hazardous materials 
  • Site emergencies 
  • Using personal protective equipment 
  • Terminology relating to dangerous materials
  • Levels of Protection
  • Fire Prevention 
  • Medical surveillance 
  • Site emergencies 
  • Containers and drums 
  • Electrocution 
  • Fall Hazards 
  • Hazardous communication 

Even if the course complies with OSHA requirements for education, the students must complete about 3 days of in-person training that trained and experienced supervisors lead. The employers are also responsible for providing field training that also includes experience with PPE and site-specific safety risk overview. 

You will expect that the course will consist of about 81 collaborating modules. A brief test accompanies each module, and it concludes with final exams. The tests are just for practice only. Also, any failed test will not really ever count against you. 

You will also learn about the protections of workers under the OSHA and other important regulations related to HAZWOPER. 

Benefits of HAZWOPER Training 

The workers should have access to workplace safety training and education. The HAZWOPER is designed to be effective, convenient, and accommodating for students.

There are benefits when taking this course, and these are:

  • It guarantees you to pass
  • Training is authorized by OSHA and comes with access to course trainer for questions
  • Real-life case scenarios
  • Interactive exercises and audio narration
  • Relates to OSHA regulations
  • Download or even print final exam and fact sheets resources
  • Train anytime and anywhere

How to Pass the Course? 

When you’ve completed 40 hours of the course time, you have been logged, and once you’ve completed the modules, students can take the final exam. A score needed for you to pass is getting 70% rate. 

The students also have access to the course for up to one year from their registration. US-based support is also provided if students need help and assistance. 


The HAZWOPER training is not something you should take advantage of, especially when working in high-risk environments. This will help you prepare and operate safely during scenarios involving hazardous substances. It will help you and protect you with the risks associated with your job. (2)

Felicia Wilson


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