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The Meaning of THCA and its Importance


Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid commonly referred to as THCA, is one of the compositions of cannabis. Research concerning this compound is at its earlier stages, and thus, not much has been gathered to give full meaning to its functions. THC and THCA sound similar and may be mistaken for being one product. However, there is a huge difference between these two. THC is found in fresh cannabis, still on the farm, and it does not intoxicate the user, while THCA is found in dried cannabis or one that has been decarboxylated. The transformation from THC to THCA is accelerated by heat; therefore, once they are dry, they can now be used as antidepressants to intoxicate patients going through anxiety, pain or several other conditions. Depending on how the consumer wants to take the cannabis, they can both contain the same levels of cannabinoid since they can either be smoked, boiled or vaped. All these forms expose cannabis to heat, and thus it becomes decarboxylated. 

The Importance of THCA

Research has not been done extensively around this area to determine what thca is and how it works. Additionally, the studies available have explored the range of diseases that THCA can help control. Therefore this insufficiency of knowledge has led to various speculations about this plant. However, some evidence-based benefits have been gathered from patients who use it; it can be used to manage inflammation brought by Arthritis or lupus. Furthermore, it can also manage neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, affecting the brain.

Benefits of THCA that patients have always highlighted include; easing of muscle spasms, pain and insomnia. Therefore, it can be said that THCA is medicinal, and thus it is viewed as the future of drugs that contain cannabinoid. Companies are slowly incorporating THCA as an ingredient in their products. It is an indication that the product indeed has some benefits to the users. For those with appetite issues, TCA can easily stimulate a person’s appetite. Moreover, one of the most intriguing things about THCA is the fact that it lacks psychoactive properties since it has undergone decarboxylation to release all the excess cannabinoid acid.


The advantage of cannabis is its natural state, unlike most drugs that are processed and have additives. Cannabis does not have to be interfered with to bring out results. The decarboxylation only changes the compounds of the plant slightly to ensure it is easily absorbed into the body. Therefore, THC is not in a form that human beings can take hence the reason for decarboxylating it to produce THCA. THC contains high amounts of acid, which does not allow it to stimulate human beings’ receptors as it should. Therefore its transformation to THCA is what makes cannabis more effective and gives it the medicinal effect. There is a wide range of THCA benefits indicated by studies and patient testimonials, from managing certain diseases to pain-relief. Thus, the importance of this product cannot be overstated.


David Smith