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The Different Types Of Spiritual Beliefs That You Might Find Interesting


Spirituality is a personal experience. It’s a cherished place, within oneself, that can make them feel safe and at peace. The best thing about it is that it’s free from terrestrial limitations such as hierarchy, class, institutions, prejudices, and rules. It’s essentially tied to the human soul. Spirituality helps guide each person on their journey to finding purpose and understanding the meaning of life. It helps you connect with a power much greater than yourself. There are many different interesting spiritual endeavors that people use to align with their universe and nourish their spirit. In this article, we will walk you through a few of the most popular ones. 

Healing Crystals

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Even we, humans, have our own vibrational frequencies. Compassionate, loving, generous, and peaceful individuals have higher vibrational energies. Those with low vibrational energies may struggle with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, and anger. Our vibrational frequencies can be easily swayed. Our energy is often influenced by external factors and events, such as good or bad news, social media, other people, and even our memories. Unlike us, crystals have stable energies. Their vibrational frequencies aren’t influenced by their surroundings. This is because of their fixed, ideal, and repetitive geometric molecular patterns. Crystals don’t need to exert energy to maintain their stability. This is the exact opposite of our human nature, which has fluctuating, unstable, and ever-changing energies at its core. Crystals provide more stable energy, which helps produce energy that is very powerful. Powerful energy can affect other energies around it. This is why people use crystals to heal and boost their energy and improve their spirituality. Like humans, Each crystal has its unique energetic frequency. This depends on its color, composition, and size. For example, purple crystals have higher frequencies than red ones. 


Numbers are all around us. It’s a means of communication of its own, designed to transcend all geographic and language barriers. Numerology can help us understand countless things regarding the workings of the universe. It helps us predict important life events and puts us on the path to self-discovery.  Numerology can serve as one’s personalized life guide. It can help you gather insight into your probability to achieve great things in life, as well as understand your strengths and weaknesses. The use of numerology in spirituality mainly depends on 6 individualized numbers. Your birth, attitude, and life path numbers are determined by your birthdate, while your soul’s urge, personality, and power numbers are taken out of the letters of your name. Each number has its own meaning and significance. You can use a numerology calculator life path to determine your life path number, which is the most prominent of all six. Each number is believed to reflect a certain energy. For instance, number one is highly associated with independence and leadership, while number six relates to harmony and responsibility.
Life path number 4, on the other hand, resonates with hard work, determination, and diligence.

The cosmos of your life is affected by your birthdate, which ultimately clarifies your life’s course and your relationships. You can use numerology to display your character, potential, and capabilities. It can help you shape and transform your life by guiding you toward a better path. You can use numerology to determine the best timing for new journeys and ventures. It also helps drive you closer to opportunities by highlighting the aspects that bring the best results. 

Tarot Readings

Tarot can help you understand several things about yourself, as well as unlock clarity regarding a certain situation. It can help provide you with ways in which you can manifest your desires and goals. Tarot serves as a support system. It offers reassurance and helpful advice. Once you master the art of tarot, you may even come to discover that it can help broaden your mind and creativity. Tarot readings can help you reach a higher level of awareness. It helps you get in touch with your spirituality and fall in tune with it.

The consistent use of tarot cards can help you develop psychic powers. It also encourages you to make choices that would prove to be beneficial. Many people use tarot cards as divination tools. The images on the cards help gather insights from a higher power or self. 

Spirituality can mean something entirely different from one person to the other. Some people find spirituality in practicing a certain religion or connecting with a higher power. Many find peace and guidance in using healing crystals, tarot readings, numerology, or connecting with their spirit animals. Others may associate spirituality with meditation, yoga, or artistic practices.

Felicia Wilson