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The Comparison of Ghostbed VS Purple Mattresses: Which one is best for you in 2021?


Are you looking for the perfect mattress for quality restful sleep? If yes, then we have brought the analyzed comparison of the two topmost brands for mattresses of 2021. The Ghostbed and purple are the best brands known for their quality, prices, and other multiple features. These brands have a lot to offer when it comes to sleeping mattresses. From designing the product for side, back, stomach or any kind of sleepers they offer all kinds of mattresses from high to low range. Sometimes people might get confused about which brand is most suitable for them or which one is not. Therefore, to take them out from this dilemma we have compared the differences & similarities of Ghostbed and Purple mattress for you. Our researchers have read out all the comparisons of these two brands for a better understanding of mattress buying decisions. Scroll down to this article and find out which mattress brand is the best suited for your or which brand you should prefer while choosing a mattress for a comfortable good night’s sleep in 2021. Therefore, be wise and choose the top 10 beds for you for a better good night’s sleep. 

Similarities between the Ghostbed & Purple mattresses

The Ghostbed and Purple are the two topmost brands known for their quality and comfort. These two brands offer a variety of products varying from high to low prices. Therefore, both of them offer well-designed mattresses to deliver the utmost comfort to the sleepers for healthy sleep. But yes there are some common things or similarities between these two brands. Out of which we have mentioned some of them as follows. 

  • Both brands offer the products at similar price points
  • The Ghostbed and Purple mattress is made up of the high-quality raw materials
  • They both offer comfort, stability, and supportive mattresses
  • Both mattresses brands deliver the multiple firmness levels
  • These two brands offer cooling features for preventing the overheating 
  • They both ship the products to your door without much hassle

Differences between the Ghostbed & Purple mattresses

The Ghostbed and Purple mattress brand offers the utmost level of comfort to sleepers by offering a variety of features. These two brands are similar at some points but yes there are many reasons and features that make them different from each other. To help you out in knowing the comparison between Ghostbed and Purple we have listed the major point of difference between these two. 

  • The Purple’s mattresses are made up of hyper-elastic grid polymer whereas the GhostBed is latex foam and memory foam mattress that helps in providing the unique feel to the sleepers as comparative to Purple mattresses
  • The Ghostbed mattresses offer the motion isolation feature with less effectiveness and the purple mattresses are best known for their best motion transfer.
  • Purple mattress brand offers less warranty for the 10 years whereas the Ghostbed mattress brand offers their customers a 20-year warranty period.
  • The Ghostbed mattresses are much softer and firmer comparative to the Purple mattresses

Which sleeping mattress is best for you: Ghostbed or Purple Mattresses

These both mattress brands come up with various similarities and points of differences. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of both of them if you are planning to buy a new mattress. Therefore, to help you out in a better buying decision we will help you in knowing which sleeping mattress is best for you or which is not. Read out the points below for better understanding and knowledge. 

  • Both mattresses are a mixture of pressure relief. These two mattresses are great options for back and side sleepers
  • If you love to get the motion isolation feature, picking up the Purple mattress is a much better option for you.
  • Both beds are perfectly designed for you if you love sleeping with switching positions throughout the night.
  • Purple is not a great option for you if you are a heavy sleeper. We recommend you to buy Ghostbed for better body support if you weigh heavy

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have got the right idea and knowledge regarding picking up the right mattress between the Purple and Ghostbed. Always remember it all depends on your height, body weight, and sleeping position that which mattress will suit you or not. 

David Smith