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The best summer camp marketing strategies


When your summer camp is empty and silent, you may believe that your job is complete. However, this is the best time your staff must be thinking about developing and implementing the best summer camp marketing strategies. Remember that marketing for the summer camp needs to begin long before you decide to do camp registration. 

This is because you want the camp community to be ready by registration day. You can only create excitement for the upcoming summer camp activities and even attract new people by using summer camp marketing strategies. This article discusses the best summer camp marketing strategies. 

Communicate regularly

The important thing you need to do is to maintain the great relationship between your camp families and the camp. You must always be in their minds so that when the registration opens, they can be ready to sign up.

Therefore, part of the summer camp marketing strategy for retaining campers is to keep them up-to-date with the things happening in your camp. It’s a good idea to have a monthly or even quarterly newsletter that can enable kids and parents to read everything about the camp, such as renovations taking place at the camp and recent activities that you intend to implement.

To make this strategy effective, you should consider segmenting the camp families into separate groups with similarities. Segmentation is the best marketing strategy as it allows you to make specific and relevant ads that focus on the various aspects of the summer camp that are of interest to particular segments. 

You already know the people who get into your summer camps, so take the time to make targeted and specialized marketing materials. They can appreciate this initiative because you are giving them what they value based on their needs.

Early bird discounts

When registration opens for the upcoming sessions of the summer camp, take efforts from what you did in the previous months. So a couple of months before the opening of registration, you can start reminding the campers’ parents that registration will start soon. 

You can offer an early bird discount as an incentive for children who register early. You can decide the ideal timeline for the camp’s registration. But when emailing, sending mail, or texting the parents, you must use the language that shows the urgency to make sure that they can register their kids immediately. 

Early registration can give your staff an idea of how the summer camp is going to be like. If you can fill enough spaces quickly, it can assure the staff that there are enough kids for that summer camp. Hence, you can spend some time just before the camp kicks off doing other important tasks, such as planning activities and training counselors.

Besides this, it can also be social proof that your camp can leverage to appeal to new campers to also register. When other people show trust in your summer camp, other families can conclude that it’s more legitimate, especially the people who are not familiar with your summer camp.

David Smith