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Revitalize Your Body: 5 Energizing Natural Solutions To Start Your Day

Revitalize Your Body: 5 Energizing Natural Solutions To Start Your Day

Do you have issues finding the energy in the morning to get your day started? Do you dread your morning alarm and stumble out of bed feeling like a brain-dead zombie? If so, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, there are several natural solutions to energize your body to get you moving in the morning. Your mornings will be a breeze once you find what works for you.

Forget about your morning blahs. Try these five early morning energy boost suggestions and see which does the trick.

Let the Sun Shine

Although some of us shun the morning light like grumpy vampires, one of the easiest ways to get that morning boost is to open the blinds and curtains and let the sunshine in. Natural light controls our circadian rhythm, our natural body clock regulating our waking and sleeping hours. Exposure to sunlight signals the body to decrease melatonin production, the hormone that induces sleep. It may not happen overnight, but getting some sunlight on your body as soon as you wake up will make it much easier.

Give Kratom a Try

Mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia, has been used for generations for medicinal purposes. Known as kratom in the West, its dried and powdered leaves have many different properties and, depending on the dosage will have different effects on the user. Low doses are recommended in the morning due to their strong stimulative effects, although consuming a higher dose will leave the user with feelings of deep relaxation.

Kratom is available as capsules, extracts, easy-to-chew gummies, and even as a raw leaf for brewing a morning tea. Consumers can take their pick and see which one suits their fancy. If this sounds like the perfect morning pick-me-up, you can find qualitative kratom products on MIT45.com. Kratom can invigorate the body and mind, offering a natural source of revitalizing energy, enhanced focus, and increased alertness for a refreshed outlook.

Add Ginseng to Your Day

Ginseng has been a popular supplement for decades. It has several benefits, including boosting energy levels. It contains ginsenosides, which researchers believe give ginseng its energy-enhancing effects. Athletes have been adding this supplement to their morning routine for decades to increase their energy levels with positive results.

Ginseng can be purchased in capsules, tinctures, or as a powder perfect for your morning smoothie or can be used to brew tea. This ancient Chinese traditional medicine could be what you’re looking for to find your morning get-up-and-go.

Peppermint to the Rescue

Aromatherapy enthusiasts have raved for years about the benefits of essential oils. These highly concentrated herbal extracts have a variety of health-inducing properties and can be used to combat many common ailments and medical conditions.

Peppermint essential oil is known for its fatigue-fighting properties. Studies show that inhaling its scent can increase energy and alertness and improve memory. Users can start their day by placing a few drops of this energy-boosting essential oil into an electronic diffuser and spending a few moments inhaling its scent. Not only is this a nice way to wake up, but it could also give you the energy to fight the day’s battles.

Start Your Morning With Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that’s native to the mountains of both Europe and Asia and has been used for generations as a medicinal aid. Also known as arctic or golden root, its roots have adaptive properties that can assist the body when dealing with stressful situations. Rhodiola is especially beneficial for mental and physical burnout sufferers, making it attractive to those who live high-stress lives and struggle each morning to get out of bed.

An added benefit of adding a Rhodiola supplement to your morning routine is that researchers believe it can help reduce depression and other emotional issues. Rather than resorting to antidepressants that can have unpleasant side effects, Rhodiola can help to combat the symptoms of depression while also limiting the body’s reaction to stress. This can help users to feel more fresh and energetic in the morning.

Revitalize Your Body Naturally Each Morning: The Bottom Line

Mornings can be a real bummer for many people. Sleepy-eyed and dizzy, starting the day can feel like a chore and not a blessing. Fortunately, there are various ways to get a natural pick-me-up without consuming gallons of coffee or sugary and chemical-filled energy drinks.

Many people are discovering the energy-boosting qualities of kratom and have added it to their morning routines. In low doses, the dried leaves of this tropical tree from Southeast Asia can increase energy levels for those who consistently have the morning blues. It’s available in several consumable forms and could be the key to regaining your natural energy.

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