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Magic of Bonuses: How Betika Makes Punters Stay

Magic of Bonuses: How Betika Makes Punters Stay

Bookmaker: Best Champions League matches! Hundreds of top casino games! A superfast mobile app!

Punters: PFFT. Nothing special. 

Well, that’s true. Today’s players, especially seasoned ones, are hard to surprise and retain.

Let’s see how Betika deals with this problem. Namely, what perks it offers and how to use the Betika bonus to bet.

Betika’s Ways to Encourage

Betika is a gambling business veteran who knows this market’s laws pretty well.

Over the years of its activity — the company was founded in 2016 — the bookie managed to attract a large number of Kenyan users. And by all appearances, Betika’s customer engagement strategies do work.

Incentive initiatives are not the least among these strategies. Not only do they draw new punters in, but they also increase the loyalty of current users.  

Special Offers

Betika launched multiple promotional campaigns with various conditions and rewards at different times.

Here are some of them.

Cashback on Deposit

The bookmaker grants cashback for the first deposit made in a day. The bonus size depends on the amount paid in.

The reward can be applied only to put a stake with the odds of at least 4.99. If this wager succeeds, you can withdraw the winnings.

Free Bet for App Users

This bonus is given to players who bet for the first time a day on sports in the Betika Android application. 

You must stake at least the set limit on a sporting event at certain odds. As an award, you get free bets equal to your deposit on your Betika account.

Lost Multibet Bonus

This promo is suitable for those who prefer wagering on multiple selections. So if there are a minimum of 8 sporting events in a betslip with a stake of 49 KES, this ticket can qualify for the bonus.

Depending on the number of selections and lost games, you’ll receive a refund as free bets amounting from 50% to 500% of your stake’s value.

And Some More

  • English Premier League quiz;
  • Prizes for bets on Drops & Wins;
  • Free bets for a lost morning bet;
  • Weekly prizes for shared bets. 

Jackpot Bonus

Betika’s jackpot bonuses are awarded to Kenyan punters for correct predictions and can be withdrawn to their wallets. There are usually several contests, differing in timing, quantity of pre-selected events, prize size, and other criteria.

Sababisha Jackpot

Also known as the Daily Jackpot, this competition features predictions using 3-way betting or GG/NG. With a minimum stake of 10 KES, you can win 500,000 KES if all your bets succeed.

Midweek Jackpot

Here, participants must predict the victory of either a home team or a visiting team in 15 football matches. The stake is 15 KES, and the potential winnings are 15,000,000 KES.

Mega Jackpot

The biggest Betika jackpot promises a cash prize of 200,000,000 KES. The winner must correctly predict the outcomes of 17 soccer games. You can place as many wagers as you like.  

Betika Loyalty Program

Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a common strategy employed by Kenyan bookmakers. Betika was no exception and therefore launched its own loyalty program.

The main idea of this program is to encourage customers for their activity on the platform. The more they play, the greater the reward.

Rewards are granted as Betika points, which can be later pulled out as cash.

Receiving Points

You can get points for every cash wager of 20 KES or more on selections with odds of at least 4.99.

The amount of points is equal to the stake multiplied by the odds. That is, at a minimum, you can earn: 20 KES * 4.99 =  100 KES.

Checking Points

You can check your points balance in 3 ways:

  • By opening your profile on the site;
  • By texting “BETIKAPOINTS” to 29090;
  • By dialing *644# and picking “Profile.”

Redeeming Points

If you want to redeem your points for money, you can use the following methods:

  • Online via your profile on the website;
  • By SMS, sending “REDEEM#500” to 29090 to get 50 KES or “REDEEM#1000” to get 100 KES.

Bonus Info Updates

What is critical to note: the bookie’s promotional campaigns are often temporary. That means each promo has a start and end date. The same applies to jackpots.

As for the loyalty program, Betika sometimes offers this incentive, reserving the right to suspend or cancel it.

That’s why it’s essential to keep track of updates on the company’s bonus offers. 

You can get news about current promotions and jackpot contests in the respective sections of the website. (1)

One Last Thing

The word “bonus” does have its magic. When spoken or written, it makes us become all ears and eyes. 

Being aware of this magical power, Betika uses it to benefit all.

Thanks to its perks, the bookmaker multiplies the number of its loyal supporters, making their stay on the platform even more pleasant and profitable.

Felicia Wilson


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