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KanTime Health: A Promising Home Health and Hospice EMR Solution!


EMR healthcare solutions are exceeding in the care market. Some are used for general overall practice, whereas many solutions come equipped particularly for specialized care services. KanTime Health falls in the latter category.

Among its fields, KanTime Health is a promising EMR program. So, if you’re up to getting through about KanTime Health, we will delineate all its important characteristics. We will put forward all the crucial details – from its basic overview to notable benefits, reviews, and costs – that can direct you to the right decision.

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A Quick Glimpse of KanTime Health:

As for home health and hospice care, KanTime Health is a formidable competitor. With approximately 912,000 patients, 210,000 participants, $12.9 billion in handled claims, and 70M in yearly visits, it is the most rapidly growing, promising care solution of its sort.

It plays a crucial part in helping hospitals boost clinical productivity, increase patient compliance, and boost income. Also, KanTime Health Insight Modules provide the user with the foundational information in healthcare, business, and finance that is required to make informed decisions.

In addition, its substantial tools are available to care facilities, including those specializing in pediatric medical services, home health, self-direction, home care, and palliative and hospice care.

By consolidating patients’ medical histories, KanTime Health improves clinicians’ interactions with their patients. Back-end workers can use a customizable dashboard to monitor key performance indicators in real-time. Using clinician validity analysis modules helps speed up the revenue retrieval and payment processes at medical groups.

Additionally, KanTime Health has a real-time auditing and monitoring tool for files. Also, with it, you may rest certain that clinical data is up-to-date and secure while employing its adaptable features.

KanTime Health Features:

Below are its top-notched leading features:

  • Employee management
  • Lab integration
  • e-Prescriptions
  • Patient demographics
  • Telehealth tools
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Intake and referral management

These are selected from different reviews based on their rating approvals. Its features are numerous, and to check them out, you can get a KanTime Health demo from a vendor, which we strongly suggest.

Who Can Benefit from KanTime Health?

KanTime Health brings different products. We are listing below its products, which will give you an estimate of where and whom KanTime Health serves.

  • Home Care: Private care home service providers can wield these services in order to provide high-end care.
  • Home Health: It is better suitable for home care agencies. Its plethora of tools matches those varying needs.
  • Pediatrics: Care providers from pediatric facilities can leverage it for enhanced outcomes.
  • Hospice and Palliative: It also provides a comprehensive set of tools for hospice and palliative care organizations to use while remaining in full compliance.
  • Self Direction: Intake, authorization, budgeting, timekeeping, payroll administration, and billing: it’s all taken care of for your healthcare firm.
  • KanTime+: Incorporating commercial and operational analytics into decision-making processes in at-home care and hospice companies is made easier with the included in its data science tool.

KanTime Health Advantages:

Such as the list of its features; the following KanTime Healthcare advantages are not exhaustive perks. These are high-rated advantages of KanTime Health.

  • Patient and medical professional referral management is simplified with KanTime Health. It centralizes data from new patient registrations so that leads may be followed up more efficiently. One major benefit is that doctors can send out reminders to patients to bring in their insurance cards, etc.
  • Healthcare for patients, authorization, RECERTs, hospitalization admin tools, revenue management, invoices, and overall efficacy are just some of the data and charts that may be found in KanTime Health, but their apparent simplicity belies the depth of information they offer.
  • A digital record of patient interactions can help clinicians improve healthcare management, lower expenses, and save time. A physician can use its notes section to track a patient’s improvement toward goals and make treatment decisions based on those findings.
  • KanTime Health’s robust scheduling capabilities boost productivity and lessen the likelihood of human error during data entry and transmission. An improved scheduling tool for advanced appointments can be implemented to fit doctors’ timetables better.
  • The active audit tool in KanTime Health monitors all your records in real-time, providing full transparency into your data while guaranteeing its safety and accuracy. Claims can be submitted, tracked, and managed digitally from start to finish.
  • You can personalize KanTime Health HR tools to your specifications. In addition, it has alerts that make keeping tabs on license renewals and expirations a breeze. Its broad features and dashboard ensure the process is always precise and up-to-date by assigning tasks to each user based on their expertise. Epic EMR System is another best software, you should check its features and benefits.

KanTime Health Pricing:

Only vendors like Software Finder can only give pricing details for KanTime Health on request. If you have any questions about the KanTime Health package or want a price estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a service provider like Software Finder. Moreover, fill out a form for a vendor to access the KanTime Health demo.

KanTime Health Reviews:

The flexibility and user-friendliness of KanTime Health have been praised in several reviews. One of its many lauded features is how easy it makes importing and exporting data. KanTime Health also has the added benefits of speed and compliance in its user interface. Its learning material, such as KanTime University, is also lauded, for it streamlines its curve. Moreover, its staff administration and communication tools are among the top favorite perks in its reviews. However, a few of KanTime Health reviews say that customer support should be improved. Also, some users think a few further personalizations would also help.

Closing Note:

So, till now, you would have gotten a good idea about KanTime Health. It is specialty based with different products and numerous advantages. Its pricing is only available at request. And as for its reviews, KanTime Health has managed to get a glowing rating of 3.8/5. Moreover, if you’d like to explore it more, watch its demo by asking for it from Software Finder.

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