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How to rebuild trust after an affair?


An affair can affect a long time relationship and it is not easy to move on. Trust is the main requirement of any kind of relationship and once you lost it then it will be very hard to get back. You need to prove your love and make your partner realize you still love him or her madly.

Installing a hidden SMS tracker can help you to prove your love. You can install it on your phone and give access to your partner. It will show him/her that won’t lie anymore. This app helps them easily view any kinds of text or SMS messages that are sent or received from the phone that you are tracking. This also works for deleted messages because they will be getting the full message history after the app is installed. They can also see what the message status says, whether it is sent text or received text. They can also easily find who is sending the text and who is receiving it including the timing of sending and receiving texts. A hidden SMS tracker will help your partner understand that you don’t take them for granted. It also reveals all your inner secrets to them. This app is certainly the best one to save you from a bad relationship. 

Guidelines to be followed to restart the relationship

First of all, you must tell your partner that you have cheated on him/her. They may not know about it now but they will come to know it later. So it is better to tell them now and start a new life without any guilt. Though they might get hurt, just spare it. The thing which tends to hurt more will be the accusation of hiding it.

The easy thing to do is to blame your partner entirely when you had an affair that is cheating him/her.  Maybe, your partner is indirectly responsible but ultimately it was you who have cheated for so long. You cannot hope to restart the relationship if you blame your partner. Just accept the fact, that you were only the responsible one for the whole thing. You need to apologize for what you have done. Just tell him/her that you are extremely sorry and you mean it. (1)

Make your partner know that you regret what you’ve done. Promise him/her that it is not going to happen once again for sure. You should not try to explain the actions. Make an apology and move on.

Just give enough space to your partner. You cannot expect him/her to forgive you after you say sorry. They are the one who has been hurt a lot and wait for some time to overcome the act of your unfaithfulness. You cannot pull them to forgive you. They will forgive you only when they are ready and mean it from their heart.

When you try to push harder each time to forgive you, it means you are indirectly pushing them far away. Though it is not going to take you to the old times, making a fresh start will be helpful. Normally, most relationships will not remain the same after an affair. Your relationship will be affected after being involved in an affair. You should start to work on it as if it is a new relationship. Building trust is the most difficult task when it’s got ruined and that is not going to happen within a night. (2)

David Smith