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How to Beat Alcohol Cravings? Practical Tips!

Alcohol Cravings

Are you tired of drinking away your feelings and having the worst hangover the next day? Most of us drink when we are not having the best day. However, it takes us a while to understand that drinking does not solve the issue. On the other hand, it makes us even more sluggish and heavy-headed.

Overcoming the drinking habit can affect your mental and physical health. Beating alcohol cravings can be worse than overcoming sugar cravings. Hence, you must have an unmatchable action plan to quit alcohol. If you are serious about quitting alcohol, here are some things you should try!

How to Beat Alcohol Cravings?

Beating alcohol cravings is harder than you think and might require much effort. However, having an action plan is essential if you want to cut back on your alcohol habit. Alcohol and inflammation both go together, and if you have an autoimmune disease, you must quit drinking immediately. Here is an action plan to quit alcohol:

1. Find Motivation

Whether you want to quit sugar or alcohol, it is essential to find motivation. Ask yourself why you want to quit drinking and use that as a source of motivation. If you want to become healthier, imagine how you will feel once you reach your goal. Whether it is your health or success, setting goals and milestones is essential. You can also set milestones for your journey to quitting alcohol. 

It helps in becoming more excited and motivated to reach your goal. For quitting drinking, you can set smaller milestones and celebrate each one. For the first month, you can set a milestone to quit drinking every day and have a glass every other day. You can set a milestone for the second month of quitting weekday drinking. Setting smaller milestones gives you a sense of accomplishment without reaching the desired goal.

2. Stop Buying and Keeping Alcohol

Beating addictions takes a lot of courage and motivation; hence, you need to do everything you can to succeed. One of the things that can help you beat alcohol temptations is not having its stash at home. When you decide to quit, throw away every bottle of alcohol at home. It might take a lot of courage, but remind yourself it will be worth it.

If you cannot find the courage to remove your alcohol stash, ask someone to do it for you. On the other hand, never visit the alcohol section in a grocery store as it can tempt you. Getting rid of alcohol does not only eliminate bodily inflammation, but it also helps you focus better.

3. Sip Slowly

Most people are fast drinkers; hence, they need a drink one after the other. If you are a fast drinker, train yourself to sip slowly. You need to have small sips, so you don’t consume more alcohol than you need.

Try to shift to fruit juice, sparkling water, or fruit punch at parties. Some people feel they are missing out if they do not drink at a social gathering. To feel included, you can get a non-alcoholic drink and sip slowly.

4. Avoid Social Gatherings with Alcohol

If you are an alcohol addict and want to free yourself of dependency, you must act actively. Taking active action means you must steer clear of gatherings that have alcohol. You will undoubtedly find yourself in situations where you get invited to a party with alcohol.

When you are trying to give up alcohol, it can be very easy. If you know you are not at a stage where you can see alcohol within your reach and still do not have it, don’t go. Politely decline such a social invitation, build resistance, and attend such gatherings.

5. Distraction is the Key

Alcohol can make your mental health suffer and distract you from your goals. If you quit alcohol due to your mental and physical health, the journey will be challenging. One thing that can help you meet your goal is a distraction.

When you are too busy to think about anything, the urge to drink will not be as strong. When you have nothing to do, you can quickly retreat to drinking. Hence, keep yourself super occupied in the first few days. You can spend quality time with your family, exercise, go hiking, meet a friend, or read a book. It is best to plan out a few outdoor activities to keep your mind active and feel fresh.

6. Join Support Groups

If you find it challenging to quit alcohol, you should look for support. The first few days of quitting alcohol can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. It can be hard to keep on track when you are on the verge of giving up.

In times like these, having a friend who has gone through a similar situation is important. You can join online support groups if you don’t have a friend or sibling. Online support groups are the best because they connect you with many people going through the same thing. You can talk to people, ask about their experiences and even help them.

Final Verdict

Beating alcohol cravings is never easy, especially if you are not motivated. Finding a support system to motivate and cheer for you on a difficult journey is essential. On the other hand, setting smaller milestones and celebrating them is crucial. You cannot expect yourself to be perfect overnight and not drink at all. Start by cutting alcohol gradually and keep track of how much you drink. In no time, you will be clean and living your life to the fullest.

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