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How Does a Vape Battery Work?


Vaping is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Since smoking tobacco became socially unacceptable and was banned in many public places millions of people worldwide have switched to the safer alternative. The burning element of smoking was that which primarily caused the carcinogens that made smoking dangerous.

Another group of users who are rapidly switching to vape are those who enjoy cannabis, especially as it is now legal in many US states. So, how does a vape pen work and, more directly how does the battery do its job? To find out we will look at what a vape battery does and whether it differs from other types of battery.

What Does a Vape Battery Do?

The battery in a vape pen is here to provide the power for the coil or atomizer. This is the part of the pen that heats the substance being vaped. Once the cannabis or tobacco hits the right temperature, it is vaporized, creating the cloud that is inhaled. Now, the battery naturally has to be very small, so how does it do it?

Well, in truth, it works the same way as any other battery, which is also the same as batteries have done for a hundred and more years. However, miniaturization and rare earth metals – along with many other developments – have led to the production of high quality dab pen batteries that are efficient and provide a large number of operations between each charge.

One area of battery technology that has improved the vaping experience is that of variable voltage. This allows a user to change the temperature at which vaporization takes place. The benefit of this is that different vaporization points produce a softer or harsher hit, which the user can tune to their own preference.

Are Vape Batteries Special?

As we mention above, fundamentally vape pen batteries are simply very small versions of a standard and modern rechargeable battery. However, when you start looking into the subject you will begin to see repeated mention of a 510-thread battery as this has rapidly become the industry standard.

510 refers to the type of thread with which the battery is connected to the device, and you should find that most if not all devices use this type of connection whatever the brand or model. This is to make it easy for a user to switch batteries. For example, a newer battery may be issued that has better power variability than the one on your device. You simply buy the battery, unscrew the old one and put the new one on.

This sort of improved compatibility does not just refer to the battery, but the 510-thread is also used for other components of the vape device. This makes life easier for those users who want to upgrade but do not want to buy an entire new vaping device.

Should I Buy a Spare Vape Battery?

Many vapers do buy a spare battery especially now the 510-thread has become the norm, and it depends on how long your existing battery lasts with the usage you put your vape pen to. Naturally, the more you use it the sooner the battery will need recharging. If you are a casual user – say one or two draws a day – there is perhaps no reason to buy a spare battery, but for more frequent users it could come in handy when on the move, for example, to have a fully charged example always on stand-by.

We hope we’ve helped you understand the way vape batteries work and what the 510-thread is all about, so enjoy your vaping.

David Smith