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How Cannabis Can Help You Enjoy Parenthood


Whether you’re taking a power walk or at the weekly book club, you may have heard people talking about ‘cannabis mothers.’ So, what is a cannamom? Keep reading as we answer this question and explain why some parents are growing cannabis seeds and consuming weed. 

Learn more about the proposed benefits of marijuana from recent studies and why some moms claim it makes parenting easier. 

What Is a Cannamom?

The idea of parents smoking weed may still be taboo to some people. Luckily, with more states legalizing cannabis and decreasing negative stereotypes, some moms and dads have been able to enjoy the fine herb with less judgment. 

What is a cannamom? Simply put, it’s a word used to describe a mother who proudly consumes weed, hemp, or high-CBD products for recreational or medicinal use. They may also cultivate plants by growing cannabis in a greenhouse.

The cannamom movement aims to break the taboo associated with mothers who consume cannabis while caring for their children. They want to eliminate the stereotype that moms who use weed are negligent and uninterested parents. 

Canna mamas typically use hemp products or create a grow room to reap the medicinal benefits. Others use it recreationally the same way you would enjoy a glass of wine to take off the stresses of the day. 

Speedy Stress-Relief

Let’s be honest; being a parent isn’t all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it gets rough, and you feel overwhelmed. Stress is detrimental to your health, and drowning it in unhealthy habits like excessive alcohol or binge eating is commonplace.

Studies show low doses of THC reduce stress even in daunting situations like public speaking. When you smoke cannabis, it takes 5–10 minutes for the relaxing effects to kick in. 

Multitasking Cannamama

Parents typically have a lot to juggle with work, house chores, and taking care of kids. Cannabis increases dopamine levels in the brain, which might stimulate mental focus. It could also enhance creativity so you can come up with efficient techniques to meet your checklist. 

Giving your kids your undivided attention can be challenging with everything you need to do in a day. When they’re younger and full of energy, the messing, yelling, and tantrums can easily overwhelm you. 

Many parents say they use weed to focus and enjoy playtime more because they can get more done after a few puffs. Some strains of marijuana called ‘sativa’ can assist with memory and focus.

Marijuana Moms’ Happy Hour

People usually have a cocktail or glass of wine during happy hour. Many cana moms choose to consume weed instead. 

They typically smoke a blunt or eat an edible. If you prefer a beverage, cannabis tea is a healthy and refreshing option. 

Motivation for Tedious Tasks 

Marijuana is known for its mood-boosting properties. People with depression often report an improvement in symptoms after consuming it. 

It’s well known that when you’re happier, you’re more easily motivated to succeed. Cannabis can give parents the motivation and mood boost to get through daily tasks. 


Pain affects everyone at some point in life, but moms who experience period discomfort go through this monthly. It can affect the quality of life for both mothers and their children, especially when symptoms are severe.

With their busy lifestyle, marijuana moms use it to deal with daily aches. Even a minor tension headache or PMS can interfere with your day’s outlook. 

Over-the-counter medications can help, but taking them long-term may have adverse effects. Opioid abuse is also a significant problem for many people with chronic pain. Marijuana could be a safer alternative.

PMS is complicated to treat, but many women claim cannabis provides quick relief.

Moms who smoke weed for pain reduction choose it because it doesn’t have the side effects that come with other treatments like painkillers. 

Studies show the terpenes and cannabinoids found in marijuana may help with pain because it: 

  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Changes the brain’s perception of pain 
  • Relaxes nerves and muscles 
  • Promotes dopamine and serotonin production

Me Time With Weed

Although the phrase cannamama is typically associated with medicinal use, some mothers use cannabis recreationally. All parents need to set time aside to relax, blow off some steam, or be alone with their thoughts. 

Self-care is essential, and if that means sipping some CBD tea while applying a face mask, then you should be able to do it freely. Some weed strains enhance introspective thinking, perfect for decluttering your thoughts, meditating to relax, or sinking into a good book.

Parenting can be tricky, and no matter how much you try to avoid it, you will have challenging days. Other parents may consume chocolate, a slice of cake, or a glass of wine, but for some moms, it’s weed

Medicinal Use

As a parent, it’s easy to put your needs last. If you have a medical condition, childcare can be extra taxing. Although cannabis cannot replace medical treatment, it may supplement and help improve your quality of life. 

Since weed has been illegal for many years, people have only started researching medical uses properly in the last couple of decades. A recent report released in the Journal of Medical Regulation, among others, found that low to moderate doses of cannabis may help with: 

  • Chronic pain: a common symptom with conditions like arthritis, cancer, AIDS, and fibromyalgia 
  • Nausea relief
  • Appetite stimulant properties
  • Anxiety, especially social anxiety
  • Insomnia 

A recent article published by the American Psychology Association (APA) revealed professionals in the psychology field have high hopes for cannabis. Their studies show promise in treating conditions like anxiety and PTSD, prominent diagnoses among parents in the US. 

Should You Become a Cannamom?

If you find yourself bogged down and overwhelmed or want something to help you relax, weed may help. Cannamoms use marijuana, hemp, or high-CBD products to keep calm, relieve pain, and focus on the many tasks that come with parenting. 

If cannabis is legal in your state, you can give it a try, and who knows? You might become a cannamom too. 


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