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Fearless Living: 4 Reasons Why It is Okay to be Needy

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Do I pressure people around me? Am I too needy?

You might be feeling a bit jealous, overreacting to things, or desperately wanting constant reassurance. You constantly text your loved ones, can’t get rid of all your worries, and always seek attention.

If you do all those things, maybe you’re right about you being needy. Yet, it’s hard to admit that you’re too demanding. 

Neediness has a bad reputation. It negatively impacts self-esteem and makes people crazy. So, you probably might be running away from it and scared to show how you feel. After all, many people tend to leave and lose interest in those who put too much pressure on them.

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But I’ll tell you this: No one should blame you for your emotions.

Being needy is okay. It’s part of your human nature, and everyone has their needs. However, those needs are not always met, especially if you get consumed by fear and settle for less.

In this blog, I’ll discuss why it’s okay to demand and expect.

Why is it Okay to be Needy?

Many individuals get stressed about their emotions. They want their expectations to be met, but they’re afraid of what they might lose.

Not all your necessities have to be met at the same time. But still, it’s fine to make people aware of your own needs. If you are hesitating to reveal your true self, below are the four reasons why you shouldn’t be:

  • Humans Need Security

Do you not feel physically and emotionally safe? Are there things, such as finances, love life, and others, that worry you? Whether it’s about a romantic relationship, money, family, or other things, humans need certainty in life.

So, if you have financial problems, it’s okay to overreact about losing money and other related things. When you have a romantic partner, it’s okay to seek a secure attachment style and expect assurance. It’s okay to ask him not to just play video games all day and demand some time. It’s okay to talk to him about your relationship needs. You’re not being overly needy; you just want to feel secure.

  • Humans Need Privacy

Each of us needs privacy – a time to relax, do our hobbies, and focus on self-care. We all need it to reflect and process the constant changes in our lives. Therefore, if you demand “me time,” it’s completely fine. You deserve it, and humans need it. Your privacy is good for your emotional health, mental health, and overall well-being.

  • Humans Need Social Acceptance

Humans need a sense of belonging and love. It helps us prevent loneliness, anxiety, depression, and other worst conditions. This need affects our behaviour and makes us keep building relationships, such as friendships, social groups, and romantic relationships. So, if you constantly seek love from other people and want to feel belonged and be accepted, it’s alright. You need these connections because these people play important roles in your life.

  • Humans Need Respect and Appreciation

Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated. Otherwise, you will have low self-esteem, which will significantly affect your choices. Human beings want to be recognized and valued. So, if you feel needy for compliments and demand proper treatment, you’re not a bad person for expecting them. If there are people who don’t make you feel good, it’s totally fine to stay away.

Get Needy!

You need emotional support. You want recognition, acceptance, attention, and love, which is all okay. You’re human, and you have needs; There’s nothing wrong with that. Thus, stop exhausting yourself by denying and taking how you really feel for granted. It will only make you unsatisfied with your life and lose sight of your actual goals.

If you’re feeling vulnerable, lean on to someone. Talk to any person you trust or spend time with a family member or a friend. Queen City residents also like to find the top-rated therapy in Charlotte to let off steam and feel better.
You’re not alone in this world, and someone is there for you; You just have to admit that you can’t carry all the burden by yourself.

When you are not comfortable around certain people, and they’re toxic to you, cut them off. Stop letting them pressure you to pretend to be someone you’re not. Surround yourself with individuals that will genuinely accept you for who you are.

Don’t let anyone dictate how you should live. You need to speak up to meet your expectations and get the right treatment. Remember, you can always say “No” to what you don’t like. You don’t really have to settle for what you don’t deserve.

Your physical, mental, and emotional needs as a human being must be met. To do that, you need to conquer whatever stops you. You are in control of how your life would be. Either you get stressed denying what you really want or live freely and fulfil your needs one by one.

Felicia Wilson


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