Home Product Review Enhance Your Outdoor Space by Adding a BBQ Island

Enhance Your Outdoor Space by Adding a BBQ Island

Outdoor Space by Adding a BBQ Island

Whether in an indoor or outdoor kitchen, islands are popular additions. Designing an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ island adds the perfect touch to any outdoor space. Homeowners considering their options should investigate the BBQ island styles available. 

How to Enhance an Outdoor Kitchen with a BBQ Island

Homeowners should consider adding an outdoor bbq islandto their kitchen setup. The following tips should help homeowners select a BBQ island so their outdoor kitchen becomes a work of practical art. Consider the following before beginning the planning process. 

Select the BBQ

Before building a BBQ island, homeowners need to select their BBQ first. The goal is to build the island around the BBQ so that it becomes the focal point of the outdoor space. By selecting the grill first, homeowners will know the dimensions so they can plan accordingly. Homeowners should consider the amount of entertaining they will do on the grill. How many people will they cook for on average? These are questions to ask before selecting the BBQ for a new outdoor kitchen island. 

Consider the Island Materials

Building an island outdoors requires selecting the right weatherproof materials. Materials that hold up well in all kinds of weather are stone and stainless steel. If homeowners select any wood components, they must use pressure-treated wood to avoid moisture-causing rot. 

Take Measurements

Homeowners must take measurements of the space and the BBQ to determine the size and placement of the island. Ideally, homeowners should consider measuring several times before finalizing their plans. Homeowners should also consider multiple areas for placement to determine the best location for the island grill workspace to allow for proper traffic flow and ease of access. 

Consider the Cabinetry

Cabinetry is an essential part of any BBQ grill island. BBQ islands need plenty of storage options to keep BBQ tools and ingredients nearby. Some islands lack storage space which makes them less desirable for outdoor kitchen setups. Ensure the cabinets also offer multiple drawers for utensils and small item storage. 

Think About the Design and Color Scheme

Homeowners must also consider the design scheme and color choices of their outdoor kitchen space. Consider the existing elements and the home design to decide on a BBQ island. While homeowners do not necessarily need to match their indoor kitchen design, it helps for there to be some degree of cohesion. Some people purchase existing BBQ island plans to help them avoid problems in the setup and installation. 

Do Not Take a DIY Approach

One of the mistakes many homeowners make when creating a BBQ island is attempting to handle the process alone. Doing so can lead to improper design and installation methods. Homeowners must consider working with professionals to ensure they get the job done right the first time. Working with a professional from the very beginning will save homeowners time, money, and aggravation. They can rest assured their island project will receive the attention it needs. 

Add a BBQ Island to Your Outdoor Kitchen

With many homeowners building outdoor kitchens, there are more options than ever for additions. Those who love to BBQ and entertain will find a BBQ island to be the perfect addition to their outdoor kitchen. The tips above should make building a new island less stressful. Finally, you will have the perfect place to prepare delicious BBQ to feed family and friends.

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