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Discover What is Missing From Your Home Healthcare Routine

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When it comes to our health, we often take a reactive approach. We only go to the doctor when we feel sick or something is wrong. This isn’t the case with home healthcare Myrtle Beach SC  though. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that something is wrong until it’s too late. By then, we’re dealing with a full-blown infection or injury. That’s why it’s important to have a strong home healthcare routine in place. For many of us, taking control of our healthcare at home is becoming a major priority, but we may not know exactly where to start. If you’re not sure how to improve or even start taking on a home health care routine, this article will give some ideas to get started if you’re new and some ideas to improve your routine if you’ve already got one going. Keep reading to learn more!

Cold Process Soap

 Most don’t know that common soaps aren’t actually that good for you! Shampoos, body washes and soaps tend to have added chemicals meant to strip away grime, but actually strip away much more than that. Poor quality soaps strip the natural oil from our skin and leave us feeling dry and cracked. Cold pressed soap is all natural, fragrance free and will leave your skin feeling naturally clean and moisturized. Try some cold pressed soap today!

Compression Socks

Have you ever tried compression socks? If not, go order some today! Compression socks are designed to stimulate the blood vessels in your legs and can help with aches, pains, restless leg syndrome and your general energy levels. Compression socks for pregnancy are specifically designed to help relieve feet and ankle swelling while promoting good circulation from your legs to the rest of your body, which is a great thing for anyone dealing with pregnancy symptoms. Pick some up today to feel how great compression socks are!

The Right Conditioner

When taking care of your hair, you usually shampoo and condition right? Then why do some conditioners seem to just not work, or not work as well as others? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, it’s time to search for a new conditioner. So many people are wondering ‘what does conditioner do’ that’s it’s wonder anyone uses it! Conditioners that use unnatural ingredients essentially do the opposite of what they’re supposed to. Because shampoo strips our hair of natural oils, we need all natural conditions to bring vitamin E, keratin and natural oils back into our hair after washing. Make sure you look at the ingredients on the conditioner you choose and only use something that has natural ingredients.

Tylenol for Kids

It’s important to always be stocked with cold medicine and pain relievers to help with mild illness when it comes up. These small bugs can easily be taken care of at home, but you also need to think about having medication in the house that’s not only safe for you, but safe for your kids as well. When your little one comes down with a fever, it will save you tons of worry to have a tylenol alternative for kids in the house when you need it most. Regular tylenol liquid is too strong for small children, and can leave them feeling groggy and out of it. These kid friendly, clean medicine solutions offer you a worry free solution to treat fever and pain for your kids.

Daily Womens Heart Vitamins

As we get older, we need to pay more attention to our internal health and the nutrients we are getting. Taking a daily multivitamin for women can help strengthen your heart health and overall organ health. These formulas are specifically designed to help women with their specific cardiovascular needs. Pick some up today to take control of your heart health!

Pain Relief Cream

When sustaining a topical injury or suffering from stiff joints and muscle pain, it’s actually not a good idea to take pain medication and put strain on your liver. Instead, consider using Hempvana Pain Relief Cream to ease your pain topically, effectively and quickly! They’re pain relief formula includes hemp extract and trolamine salicylate, the compound used to make aspirin. Their cream is fast acting and will have you feeling relief in a matter of minutes.

Premium Washcloth

Have you ever wondered if your washcloth builds up bacteria? The answer is, yes it does! Even when we wash them, typical washcloths stack up bacteria and can cause skin irritation when used repeatedly. Try using a natural and antibacterial washcloth to help you feel that much cleaner when getting out of the shower. These will help your skin feel healthier, cleaner and fresher on a daily basis. Plus you can use them to simply wash your face without using a common washcloth that builds up bacteria.

Male Supplements

For anyone looking to boost their testosterone levels and regain vitality, Nugenix is a leading brand making amazing male supplements. Their testosterone boosters will have you feeling young, energetic and spry in a matter of no time. Try their supplements out today to keep you feeling healthy and strong!


It’s no question that quality women’s home health care can be hard to find. Rael is helping to fill that gap by offering the latest in natural and ethical women’s health products. From menstrual cups to reusable period underwear, you’ll find everything you need to feel prepared, fresh and truly cared for by yourself! Check out Rael today and try out some of their amazing products!

Vessel Health

Vessel Health is one of the most exciting home health care brands out there. Their urine testing strips are read by a QR code that sends the test results directly to your phone, giving you a comprehensive idea of what’s going on in your body right from your living room. This is helping people take their healthcare into their own hands every day, give their service a try!

At Home Spa Tools

We all probably miss going to the spa, and one day we’ll be able to go back. But for now, you can bring the comforts of the spa directly to your home by checking out Gua Sha, a set of tools by Mount Lai that feature spa tools such as jade facial massagers. Bring the spa right to your front door with these beautiful accessories!


We all know that wherever we go these days, we need a mask. They’re here to stay for now, so why not lean into a little bit with some stylish masks? You can find all kinds of fun patterns and colors to go with any outfit and makes for one more fun thing you can pay attention to each day and make your day a little more fun, while also staying safe and keeping your health in check!

Meditation Apps

They might seem a little cheesy, but meditation apps are a great way to keep your mental health in check at home. These apps offer simple, short and easy prompts that allow you access meditation at the level you feel comfortable with.

Staying healthy at home is all about making sure you have everything you need to keep track of your wellness and easy discomfort whenever you need to. Check out the above products for some amazing tools to keep in your home and take control of your home healthcare routine!

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