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Can someone in love cheat?


When you are in love everything seems perfect. But soon things become different and certain changes take place in the relationship which if not noticed then can lead to severe troubles in the future. A cheating partner is something to be worried about.

If you aren’t sure, then don’t be a fool to believe your partner and try to find out whether he is cheating on you.

Here are certain things that should give you the answer to your doubt of whether your partner is cheating on you:

Changed from being ordinary

Well, your partner might go through mood swings or might really have some work in an office that would make him/her come home late. But when these things continue for a much longer time than expected, you must be aware of what actually your partner is doing.

Unexplained bills

If you find that your partner has bills and receipts of or outings that you weren’t a part of or things that you didn’t receive then you should watch out. Also, many online hookup sites like BeNaughty, Adult Friend Finder, charge Credit Cards with different names then company official name. 

Experiencing mood swings

Even mood swings are to be noticed because a cheating lover most often will be forced to display negative feelings because of shame, guilt, and anger. 

Suddenly become secretive

Hiding his/her text messages and not letting you touch his/her phone, leaving the room to take calls and most importantly getting angry if you suddenly decide to meet him/her unannounced and unplanned, are all signs that your partner is definitely hiding something from you. 

Lying to you

If you are suspicious about something, just ask your partner a question and remember the answer. After a few days, ask the same question again and if your partner gives you a different answer or gets angry at you unnecessarily, then that’s a hint for you that he is hiding something. 

Additional social network accounts

Having additional social network accounts and being secretive about chats and emails are suspicious too. It clearly means your partner has something or the other to hide. 

Ask for an explanation and observe their behavior

When you are doubtful about anything, just ask your partner for an explanation. If he/she casually replies and is convincing enough then he/she might be telling the truth and you don’t need to worry about it, but if you find your partner just juggling with the answers, then he/she is lying. 

Avoid introducing you to his/her friends

If a person is true in his/her relationship, he/she wouldn’t mind introducing his/her partner to his/her peer group. But if you find your partner avoiding his/her friends when with you, then there is something definitely wrong and must be addressed. 

Open to you about his/her life

A relationship should always be open and allow free flow of interactions about each other’s lives. But when your partner fails to do so and keeps a part of his/her life as a secret, then he/she is definitely hiding something. 

Taking up new interests

Interests change from time to time, but if you find your partner suddenly taking up new interests, especially things which he/she used to dislike previously, then that’s a hint.

It’s not necessary to acknowledge that all partners cheat, but at the same time, all romantic relationships are not true love. So judge well before doubting, but if you are confident then don’t hesitate to take any step because after all, it’s your life, don’t waste it.

David Smith