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Can My Dog Eat Canned Corn – Risks and Benefits to Consider


As the summer is coming near, we are coming closer to the season of barbecues and grilling. Over the coming months, the backyard will be full of delicious smells enticing not just the humans but our furry friends in the family as well.

If you’re a proud owner of FouFou Puppies, keeping them safe during summer barbecues is essential. While it may be tempting to share your delicious grilled food with your furry companions, not all foods are safe for them to consume. Grilled vegetables like sweet potatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and asparagus, minus onions and garlic, are great options for your dog to enjoy.

In the summertime, certain common food items stay associated – such as corn – both with, or without cobs. So, there is high chance that your dog would like to share the food. However, as some of the food items might be grilled or will have additives, so they have some of the common threats associated with your pets. But corn is not on this list.

Is it safe for dogs to eat corn?

The guts of the dogs are ready in such a way that they can subsist on the meat alone without the help of the dietary fiber. So if we date back to the dietary history, you do not find much about canned corn and dogs feeding on them. Feeding dogs on veggies is something very recently developed.

With so much food available in the market for your canine friend, it depends on them completely whether they like to feed themselves on it or not. However, there are chances for your dog to feed on them.

If you observe closely you will find that corn starch is a common ingredient in most of the dog foods available in the market. And the role it plays in their dietary chart through them is not of nutritional value. The related products are mainly used to bind all the ingredients together in the dog food.

The starch is necessary to thicken the food and makes it easier to serve. Thus, making it more substantial. When used in dog food, it does not have any adverse effects compared to those starchy fillers. However, it can be a problem as it might cause allergies or any type of intolerance in your dog. So, try to invest in premium dog foods, click here to know the reasons.

If you have the habit of sharing the table scraps with your dog, then be sure that you have fed them with corn at some time or the other. So, let us take a look if you are trying to feed them something in a particular form such as canned corn- what will be its effects – are there any risks associated and what benefits can we count?

Can you feed canned corn to dogs?

If these cobs are dangerous for the dogs, then can they eat the ones packed in cans? The answer is yes. They can have the sweet corn from the can. The food is starchy so the pup might find it difficult to digest and at times it might go straight through their guts – it is observed in humans too.

But sweet corn is non-toxic. If your canine is not allergic, then there is no harm in feeding them with it as a snack. How to know whether your dog has allergies before feeding corn, try out these methods: https://www.wikihow.pet/Determine-if-Your-Dog-Has-Food-Allergies

There will be a problem if you replace any of their daily diet with sweet corns. Dogs are like their ancestors – wolves – they grow the best with food that is high on meat content. However, feeding canned corns is not a trouble, it is important to understand whether it is having benefits for their health or not.

How healthy is it?

Corn comes with a number of nutritional benefits. It is able to retain nutritional value even after its preservation. It contains potassium, selenium, iron, vitamins like A, B, and C, proteins, carbs, and sugar align with dietary fibers.

Dogs who eat sweet corn will definitely drive some good amount of carbohydrates. For those dogs who survive on protein and fat, they will lead to a nutritional deficit. Moreover, it is also high in sugar content which on one hand increases weight, leads to issues like dental problems and others.

This does not justify that canned corn is totally bad. What you need to do is feed your dog an optimal diet and maintain the right balance of nutrients.

How to feed canned corns to dogs?

To drive nutritional benefits and reduce the unnecessary risk associated with canned corns this summertime and share the food with your furry friend then follow these steps:

  1. Drain and rinse the product thoroughly before feeding them to the pets
  2. It is better to boil the sweetcorn rather than giving them directly from the can
  3. Feed them in small portion and never give a huge amount

Look upon it as an occasional treat for your dog and not something as a regular diet consumption. We hope this article will help you to make a sound decision and keep your dog healthy and strong.

David Smith