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Best Citrus Juicers for You


How would you like your morning juice? A tetra pack or a freshly squeezed lemon into your morning glass? Citrus Juicers are a fun way to start your day. You can even rely on these juicers for your pre and post-workout sessions. If you’ve got a drink in mind, citrus juicers can quench your thirst in minutes.

Here is a pick of the best citrus juicers you can get for yourself or your family.

Chef’n FreshForce  

This juicer allows you to make your juice in a matter of minutes effortlessly. Attached with comfortable handles and star-shaped holes to contain fruit seeds or pulp, it works wonders for some light, fresh juice. With it comes an effortless and less messy way to make your juice as well. So, no spilling over the kitchen counter for you. Its compact size is also one to admire on the kitchen top.  

OXO Good Grips

If you’re looking for a significant and more efficient way to get more juice out of one juicer, OXO Good Grips can do the job. Its plastic structure comes with a wider mouth or beak for bigger fruits without cutting. The juice from the fruit is squeezed seamlessly into an eight-ounce container in just moments.  

Black and Decker CJ625

The Black Decker is definitely for your large and juice-filled oranges and lemons. Coming with a thirty-four-ounce cup, its motor can turn a solid fruit into liquid in just seconds. This citrus juiceris one of the best in the group of juicers.  

If you have smaller lemons or oranges, this juicer also comes with smaller cones. This makes it an all in one juicer.  

OXO Wooden Reamer

Another OXO product is a smaller version of a juicer. As imagined, this juicer requires more time and effort. Even though the process is slower than others, it can yield more juice out of your fruits because of the manual effort. It may also taste better than the motorized juicers.  

So, if you don’t mind getting a little messy in the kitchen, the Wooden Reamer is for you.

Zulay Juicer

Zulay is a highly professional juicer that can make the most out of your lemons and oranges. It comes with a durable cast giving it a very clean but robust look. Its five-inch cup allows you to squeeze big fruits as well. It is also easy to use, clean, and stable for a manual juicer.  


Juicers, be it manual or motorized, can make life more convenient. Time, money, effort is conserved so much more with a juicer. It can turn a fruit into a healthy drink in just a moment. Forget about the hassle of manually picking seeds and big pulps. Juicers separate them for you.

Juicers can make it easier to make cocktails, lemonades, light juices at any time of the day. It is also an environmentally friendly way of making juice in the long run. Moreover, it saves a hole in your pocket as well.  

So, if you love juice and don’t own a juicer yet, it’s time to add this gadget to your kitchen counter.

David Smith