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Been in an Accident and Want Justice? Speak to An Attorney to Understand Your Rights 


Auto accidents produce life-altering circumstances for victims every day. Whether these life changes happen because of their injuries or an inability to get to work, the victims have the right to seek compensation for financial losses caused by another party. With an auto accident claim, the victim has a chance to collect compensation through the court and could get enough to cover medical expenses and auto repair costs.  

How Severely Were You Injured?

The victim’s injuries play a role in how much compensation they are entitled to receive, and severe injuries that alter their lives can present a higher rate if the claimant wins their case. Serious injuries such as a loss of limb, a loss of bodily function, or disfigurement are classified as the most severe.

If the injuries create a permanent disability or condition that requires years’ long treatments or admission into a nursing home, the victim or their family could collect compensation to cover these expenses. Victims of an auto accident get started by visiting autojusticeattorney.com now. 

Were There Additional Circumstances in Your Accident?

Additional circumstances that could apply to an auto accident are serious moving violations such as DUI. If the at-fault driver was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, there could be a  separate criminal case that gives the victims another legal avenue to collect compensation.

In criminal cases where there were bodily injuries, the court could require the defendant to pay restitution if they are convicted of the crime. This may give the victim two options to collect compensation. First, they could collect compensation through a civil lawsuit, and then the victim could collect through restitution. 

Did the At-Fault Driver Have Insurance Coverage?

If the at-fault driver has auto insurance, the claimant could collect compensation through an insurance claim. Their attorney can discuss the case with the insurance company and determine if an insurance claim is possible.

Many insurers will try to provide a settlement out of court to cover the victim’s expenses. However, there are limitations to how much the insurance will provide. If the victim’s financial losses exceed the highest coverage limit, the victim may not collect all the money they are owed.  

Did the Accountable Driver Try to Compensate You?

If the accountable driver tried to compensate the victim, the claimant must disclose this information to their attorney. In order to get compensated, the victim must provide financial details to the defendant. This includes all medical costs, auto repair expenses, and any lost wages they couldn’t collect during their recovery.  

Let Your Attorney Manage All Communications

In these cases, the defendant’s attorney or insurer may try to settle out of court, and this could lead to an agreement with the claimant. However, the victim should allow their attorney to complete all negotiations on their behalf. If the victim agrees to any terms, this could affect their chances of collecting in court and could dismiss their case altogether.  

Auto accidents can lead to serious financial losses for the victims, and the laws provide a legal avenue to collect compensation. However, the victim must follow certain guidelines to get justice and cannot agree to any settlement without their attorney knowing. Attorneys understand how to manage an accident claim and help the claimants get compensation. By hiring an attorney, the victims can get justice if they win their case.  

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