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Assignment writing services or Chat GPT – What to choose for academic needs?

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All students have a frenetic pace of life because they should bear the responsibility for their studies and work. It is a huge burden on the shoulders of young people because this enormous amount of everyday tasks can have a bad impact on their mental state. For this reason, the only way to reduce the tension and free some time for hobbies and other leisure activities is by delegating responsibilities. Nowadays, students are actively using different platforms that provide writing help service. Such platforms are a great solution for all people that are struggling to keep up with everything in their life. 

Over the last time, society is shaken by the latest creation of OpenAI, which made a huge breakthrough in the technological world. It turned out that AI can produce the content itself. But the question arose: can GPT chat replace assignment writing service?

Advantages and disadvantages of GPT chat

There is no wonder why GPT chat has drawn so much attention. If artificial intelligence can create content just like experts in assignment writing service can, there will be a real revolution in society that will touch the labor market. Many experts are arguing on this point because there are a lot of things for discussion. So, let’s find out what is chat GPT weak and strong spots of AI for academic writing.


  1. Available for free.
  2. User-friendly and smart design.
  3. Results within a few seconds. 


  1. The style of writing is dry and lacks creativity. You will get your work done instantly, but the style of language speaks for itself.
  2. The risk of exposure. The texts written by artificial intelligence are easy to detect using some tools like GPTZero.
  3. Poor quality content. It is important to understand that this machine is trained on specific source material, which affects the quality of content.
  4. No fact-checking. OpenAI designed a chatbot that can pick up the information available on the internet and use it for writing a certain test. As a result, the content may include some false facts, outdated information, and other flaws.
  5. Complex tasks are beyond the abilities of AI. AI is no doubt smart, but it cannot outshine the capabilities of the human brain that can do a deep analysis or research on a certain topic.
  6. Technical errors. When an error occurs in the system, the quality of produced content will suffer.

Good and bad about assignment writing services

Before the appearance of ChatGPT on the market, these platforms were out of competition. All students know where to seek help if they need to fulfill an assignment for the university but cannot do it because of time shortages. Let’s explore more about this favorite student method to get the work done.


  1. Any requests on tone, style, and formatting. The experts will always take into account your comments and preferences because their main goals are to satisfy the client’s academic needs.
  2. The proof of text uniqueness. Every client gets a plagiarism report so that you can meet this requirement set by every university individually.
  3. Clients privacy. There is no need to care about personal safety if you reach out to a reliable assignment writing service like studyfy.com
  4. A large number of services. You can request any type of work including essays, research papers, or dissertations. 
  5. The guarantee of professionalism. Only professional and knowledgeable people are providing assignment writing help on these platforms, so eventually you will get high-quality work.
  6. Getting insights and experience. If you want to expand your knowledge on a certain topic, the experts are always ready to explain some things, share valuable sources of information, and direct you in the right way.


  1.  Time frame. You need to make a request in advance because you should wait at least 6 hours to get the work.
  2. Task revision. You may need to analyze the work to spot some inaccuracies or request some amendments.
  3. Price. You should pay to get high-quality content.

What option is reputable?

It is crucially important to choose a reliable tool for such tasks if you value your privacy and safety. For these reasons, admission essay writing services have always been considered respected and reliable platforms for academic needs. Students have been using them for years, which is a very important factor.

Meanwhile, OpenAI created a revolutionary product, but students still cannot trust it and there are some reasons for it. There are some strict laws in educational institutions concerning the usage of AI, so some students have already got expelled because of it. Furthermore, the inaccuracy, character limit (4096), and lots of system errors are some of the AI flaws, which means that this chatbot needs further development. 

So, when talking about reputation ChatGPT is a rather questionable creation. Is it worth it if you can drop out of university?


This detailed comparison of these two tools for assignments writing help sheds the light on some pitfalls and helps you understand what choice is better to make. Obviously, assignment writing service usage still remains the best way to get someone to write the work for you. As practice shows AI writing cannot be compared to the capabilities of the human brain. So, if you want to get a good grade and take the studying process seriously it is better to trust reliable assignment writing services.

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