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A Comprehensive Guide To Finding Gluten-Free Food


If you’ve just turned to a gluten-free diet, you’re probably wondering where you can find some products to substitute your current foods. Fortunately, it’s much easier to find gluten-free ingredients now than it was a couple of years ago, and the following five entries will help you get started on that road.

  1. Look Through The Supermarkets

Many larger chains have started incorporating gluten-free sections, and most of them are clearly marked. Usually, there will be a sign that outlines “gluten-free” right beside the respective product. If you’re looking for only the best quality food, try to focus on perimeter shopping since that’s where you’ll most likely find products made exclusively from natural ingredients. Even if you don’t recognize the brand, make sure to read the label and the ingredient list. Most legit products will have a gluten-free seal on them which means that they passed all necessary standards.

If you still find yourself wandering through the supermarket, there’s no shame in seeking help from the employees. The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t know either, in which case you’ll have to spend a bit of time locating the products. 

  1. Join Social Network Groups

There are millions of other people out there that also try to avoid gluten whether due to health issues or simply because they like it better. Finding them on social media websites is as simple as running a quick search. Fortunately, a large part of the community is friendly and ready to help newcomers, so your only task is to find a group that you like. Some of them even have beginner’s guides and FAQ sections.

It’s also important to know which gluten-free items are high quality and worth your money. Asking the more experienced people in the group will surely help you differentiate the good ones from the low-quality products.

  1. Visit Gluten-Free Cafes

If you prefer meeting people in person instead of through Facebook groups, gluten-free cafes are just the thing for you. You’ll immediately have at least one subject in common which will give you something to talk about. You’ll get to meet some new friends, learn things about your interest and have a good time in general.

However, if you want to learn more about them and all you have after meeting them is their phone number, you can use it to your advantage and find their social media profiles. One of the ways to do this is by using Spokeo, a reverse phone lookup tool that could help you get to know this person a lot better. The utility will run the number through a database, find a match, and give you detailed info on the person among which are their address, past criminal records, and most importantly – social media profiles.

  1. Find Restaurants With Your Food Preferences

Restaurants with gluten-free food can be a great place to discover some new meals that you might even be able to make yourself. While they are a bit more expensive, you won’t be left disappointed. However, you have to find them first, and this is where EatApp can help you.

EatApp is a table management/restaurant reservation software that helps restaurants run their business more efficiently and guests in making quick and easy reservations. Instead of having to call or visit the establishment in person, you can simply request a table online and get immediate feedback on whether it’s available. Both the app and the website itself have a large number of restaurant variations, among which are those that focus exclusively on gluten-free foods.

  1. Order Food Online

In case you live in a small town, there might not be any supermarkets around that sell a significant variety of gluten-free food. This is where you might have to resort to ordering products from online marketplaces. Fortunately, there are a lot of shops that specialize in this exact area, and they offer exclusively gluten-free food.

One of these is gluttenfreemall.com, where everything is neatly categorized to help you easily find any food item that you’re looking for. Breakfast items, bread, pasta, desserts, etc – pretty much all that you need is available on there. This is not the only shop, however. There are many others, and a simple Google search will help you discover most of them.

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