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5 Steps to Make Your Girlfriend Love Soccer

Make Your Girlfriend Love Soccer

If you’re a bit of a sports nerd like most guys, chances are you have a favorite sport or two. And if that favorite sport is anything like soccer, it’s probably not the kind of thing your girlfriend will love. But don’t despair! There may not be much you can do about the fact that most people don’t love watching soccer, but there are things you can do to make her love it instead.

Think about it this way: as much as she might hate to hear this, most girls aren’t naturally into sports. Even if your girlfriend met on Ladadate – brides dating site and loves other team sports, she might be hesitant to give football, hockey, and baseball a try because she knows they won’t be her thing either. To get her to fall in love with soccer instead of simply tolerate it, follow these five simple steps:

1.  Invite her to watch soccer with you

Asking your girlfriend to accompany you to watch a sport she already knows nothing about is the easiest way to get her to fall in love with it. It could be as simple as asking her if she’d like to come to watch a game with you one weekend. If you’ve been seeing your girlfriend for a while, you might even put this request in the context of “what do you want to do this weekend?” If she says she’d like to go with you, invite her to watch a game together. You can even ask her if she’d like to sit close to you so you can feel her.

2.  Provide her with informational guides

If your girlfriend is interested in learning more about the sport you love, offer to provide her with soccer guides. If she’s a beginner, you might even want to get her a guide for each of the sport’s major skills. This can make your girlfriend feel like she’s learning the sport with you and build a deeper connection between the two of you. It’s also a great way to help her understand why you love soccer so much.

3.  Find out what makes her nervous before games

Asking your girlfriend what is making her nervous before games can help her relax and make her feel less anxious about it. If she tells you that it’s the smell of the field or the fact that she’s seen a few mistakes she made, tell her that you understand and do anything you can to help her feel less nervous.

4.  Help her develop her skills

If your girlfriend is interested in developing her soccer skills, encourage her to do so. If she’s interested in becoming a better defender, get her a guide on how to become a better defender. If she’s interested in becoming a striker, help her. This way, she’ll learn how to improve her game with you at her side and get to enjoy these activities with you as your girlfriend.

5.  Show your appreciation after she plays well

If your girlfriend plays soccer, show her how much you appreciate her:

  • If she scores a goal, high-five her and tell her how proud you are of her.
  • If she makes a great save, also give her a high-five and tell her how she has helped your team win.
  • If she makes a few good passes, give her a traditional high-five and tell her that she has played a great game.

These small things will make your girlfriend feel appreciated and admired, she might even start to like soccer more because of it. If she does, that’d be an amazing boost for the team as a whole because she’s an awesome soccer player now, and she deserves it.

Final say

Everyone loves a good game of soccer, right? Whether you’re on the pitch or watching from the stands, everybody can appreciate some good old-fashioned athletic competition. If you’ve got a girlfriend, then finding ways to get her interested in soccer without driving her mad is probably your top priority as a guy. Soccer can be a challenging game if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to support you or plays it differently than you do. The good news is that the above ways make soccer more enjoyable for her and less frustrating for you!

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