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5 Hobbies That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out to Future Employers

5 Best Hobbies To Include In Your CV According To DoMyEssay Expert Writer Tutor John W


Do hobbies contribute to employability? Most students spend a lot of their college time burying themselves in books to build skills for their resumes but forget that hobbies are equally important. They hire essay writer on DoMyEssay to ensure their GPA is the highest but neglect the fact that activities outside the primary curriculum have helped people secure jobs or even create jobs. For instance, a student that enjoys writing as a hobby would thrive in providing writing services online. 

Whether they are connected or unrelated to your career prospects, hobbies can go a long way in enhancing your resume and making you stand out from other candidates. Did you know that some people landed jobs because of their hobbies? What you do during your leisure time matters, and you need to start being intentional about it.

How do hobbies contribute to employability? Note that most employers use them to demystify an individual’s personality type that matches specific roles. The mention of involvement in hobbies also indicates their ability to be team players, creative, and all-rounded.

If your skills match those of other candidates, the chances are high that the employer may decide to compare the activities included in hobbies.

1. Writing

Writing is a great hobby to include in your CV. Candidates who love to write are often creative and innovative, which are valuable competencies in today’s dynamic work environment. Writing skills also show that someone is open-minded, which employers look for in candidates. Open-minded employees can quickly adapt to the changing work environment and show a willingness to move in the company’s direction and grow with it. 

While in college, writing can even become your part-time geek, as you can provide the best essay writing services to your classmates and the rest of the students from your or other schools.

2. Arts

Some of the artistic hobbies you can include in your resume are painting, design, photography, pottery, woodworking, dancing, etc. Having these hobbies in your CV shows potential employers that you are detailed and creative.

These are skills that employers look for everywhere. Such hobbies show your interest in exploring and coming up with new ideas. Employers prefer candidates with creative, critical thinking, and innovative skills to candidates with the highest undergraduate honors.

If you are looking for a career in interior design, graphic design, and media and communication, you may want to include artistic hobbies in your resume.

3. Strategy Games

Not all of us are creative, that’s for sure. That’s why many students prefer to buy essay and other papers from professional academic writing services and have professional writers deal with such assignments. But at the same time, they excel in other things. For example, if you love strategic mind games like sudoku, backgammon, and chess, you are likely suited for strategic roles. People who enjoy strategy games tend to enjoy repetitive tasks and like to take on challenges.

Employers looking for talent for a technical development or strategic planning role will consider individuals that are logical, analytical, patient, and who love to think strategically. If you thrive in strategic hobbies, you are likely to perform well in banking, law, being a doctor, and engineering.

If you are applying for any of the above or related positions, remember to include your hobbies in your resume. 

4. Volunteering

Most students list volunteer work in their resumes without knowing how beneficial it is. 

Potential employers will view you as a generous individual if you include volunteering in your resume. It also highlights skills in community engagement and impact and time-management skills.

Volunteer work can increase your chances of securing a position in a not-for-profit organization or CSR roles and projects. Volunteering as a hobby is also beneficial for your CV beyond the not-for-profit space. It highlights you as a team player and a leader, which are critical competencies every employer looks for in their candidates.

5. Travel

You have probably come across organizations looking for candidates that can work with multicultural teams. If the hiring managers behind these companies were to qualify the candidates based on their hobbies, they would consider candidates who love to travel.

By adding travel to your list of hobbies, you will be viewed as a tolerant, adventurous, and open-minded individual. People who love to travel are also considered courageous, curious, flexible, adaptable, and self-organized. 

If you love to travel, you will thrive in careers that involve a lot of international travel, working with multicultural teams, and jobs that require knowledge and understanding of a wide range of cultures.

Conclusion: How to List the Right Hobbies When Applying for a Job

While hobbies have always been listed in resumes in the long history of job searching, most people have not done it the right way. Now that you understand the role of hobbies in getting employment, you need to start being more intentional about it. (1)

Start by researching the companies and understanding the cultures they value. Find hobbies that align with the cultures and ones that the company would appreciate. Choose hobbies that match the preferred personality traits of employees in the company and the specific roles.

For instance, if the company is looking to hire someone who can work effectively across multicultural teams, you should add travel as one of your hobbies. You can also mention or elaborate on how your hobbies enrich your skills or competencies for the role. For instance, if you love to play chess or sudoku, you can mention in the skills section of your resume how you have a knack for problem-solving and excellent analytical skills.

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