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5 Healthcare Professions That Are Gaining Global Demand Post-Pandemic


Indeed, COVID-19 has erupted chaos worldwide. It has impacted the wealth and health of nations, let alone taking millions of lives. But despite causing a significant turn of events, COVID-19 has paved the way for change. It has resulted in many advancements that would have otherwise taken years to accomplish. So, this pandemic has been not only a mountain of despair but also a stone of hope. 

In the job sector, some industries have experienced a significant surge in demand due to the pandemic. The healthcare industry, in particular, has gained global attention since it has put some of the healthcare systems under mammoth pressure and stretched workers beyond their capacity. At the same time, the crisis led to realizing how essential healthcare workers are for the overall economy. 

The unwavering need for healthcare experts won’t disappear anytime soon, even after the pandemic is over. The demand for healthcare workers will skyrocket in the coming years. So, with that being said, what are the most high-in-demand healthcare careers of today? 

Listed below are all the healthcare professions taking flight post-pandemic.

  1. Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator is one profession that has received special recognition ever since the pandemic rose to the surface. The job of a healthcare administrator is to oversee all the activities necessary to run a healthcare facility. 

Your focus will be to delegate tasks, organize your staff, and ensure the facility has all the resources and inventory available to carry out operations. You will also manage and coordinate services provided to health programs and the staff. Lastly, your job will be to solve and improve specific issues in the healthcare system. 

To land a career as a healthcare administrator, you need to have a master’s in public health. Since all educational routes have now been transferred online, pursuing education is now easier than ever. We advise you to check out online MPH programs and explore the many advantages of pursuing this degree. By earning this degree, you will have the potential to impact the lives of millions positively. 

  1. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses have never been more in demand. They hit that sweet spot where pay, responsibility, and schooling balance out. As a registered nurse, you will have to spend a lot of time directly with patients. Keeping them comfortable, assessing their well-being, and doing all of the many things that come up, are some responsibilities.

You can become a registered nurse with a license and an associate’s degree in two or three years. You can even specialize in areas such as emergency, delivery/labor, intensive care, and pediatric, or you can work as a camp or school nurse.

Indeed, this is a tough job – you’ll be on your feet all the time, and during your shifts, stress levels may rise. After all, you are responsible for people’s lives. But there is no shortage of work for remarkable nurses, and the more experience you get, the more high-in-demand you will be.

  1. Physician Assistant

If you’ve ever visited an urgent care center, you may have seen a Physician assistant. You may not have even realized that they were not technically doctors because physician assistants do nearly everything a doctor does. They diagnose illnesses, write prescriptions, and even perform exams. But they have some limitations as well. They can only assist in surgery, not execute it. But for your common injuries and day-to-day sickness, a PA can do it all.

When you become a collaborating physician assistant, you can work in any specialty a doctor can, from senior to neonatal. Plus, it only requires a master’s degree, meaning you will get there much faster and with a lot less debt.

  1. Radiation Therapists

Another most in-demand post-pandemic healthcare career is radiation therapists. 

Radiation therapists are part of the cancer treatment team. These therapists operate the machines that produce concentrated radiation therapy to a patient’s tumor. They are also responsible for describing treatment plans to patients, checking for unusual reactions, and determining the region of the body receiving treatment. 

Healthcare facilities usually prefer to hire candidates with at least an associate’s degree in radiation therapy. However, some facilities accept those who have completed a certified program. In certain states, radiation therapists must be certified or licensed. Requirements vary depending on the State but passing a national certification exam is mandatory.

  1. Surgeons

If you work well under pressure and are exceptionally dedicated, perhaps you were born to become a surgeon. 

This particular field is highly diverse since surgeons are allowed to specialize in any area. You can dedicate your career to a unique aspect of surgery. That said, you can become a neurosurgeon, a pediatric surgeon, a general surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, etc.

To be a surgeon, you will need a degree from medical school, which takes four years to complete, and depending on the specialty, 4 to 6 years of internship and residency. It is a high-in-demand profession since more qualified workers are now battling the coronavirus pandemic’s effects. So go ahead and shoot your shot.


The demand for the healthcare professions listed above won’t disappear, even if the curve begins to flatten. Yes, times are still unsettling, but don’t let the uncertainty of today derail your plans for the future that lies ahead. Soon, we will forget about the miseries of today, and peace will return. Also, the opportunities you’ve always dreamt about will be there, waiting for you. So buck up and play your part in making this world a better place by venturing into any of these highlighted healthcare careers. 

David Smith