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4 tips you should use to promote your Instagram page: quick, easy and efficient 

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Today Instagram promotion can go quicker and easier than several years ago – although many people think the opposite, it is true. Now there are many tools that you can use to develop your Insta page without even having to spend any money on the process. And the paid tools that are also available will make the process of development only easier. The effectifness of latter is also higher, according to https://en.ibuyessay.com/statistics.html. In this article, we will review 2 free and 2 paid methods that you can take a hold of if you are interested in stepping your game up on Instagram. Let’s start with the free ones: 

1. Things will go much better if you learn how to use hashtags correctly. Yes, you probably think that today nobody uses them, but this is not true: people are taking on up to 30 tags in a post and feel great about doing that. However, we would not recommend using 30 hashtags at once, as it will make your publication look a little like spam, but 10 to 15 is quite alright. How do you collect them, though? To make sure that you’re acting right, start from the widest terms that you can use to describe your content and move to the narrowest ones. Include dates, names, locations and other specifics so that people who are searching for something precise (that you have in your post) would be able to find it. 

2. Use mutual PR and exchange audiences with bloggers who have the same number of followers as you do. This is a very convenient thing to do, but many people forget that they are not the ones who are searching for the opportunity to grow. Small bloggers should and definitely can help each other in their efforts, and writing to somebody who has the same number of subs as you with an offer to mutually PR each other can be highly beneficial. If both of you have 100 subs, together you can both have 200 or a little bit less than that. Still, this is a very nice result for a free promotional tool, isn’t it? This method can be easily turned into a paid one, if instead of a small blogger you would decide to write to a big one – they take money for ads, this is one of the ways that anybody on IG can monetize their blog. However, before that we would recommend you do two following things: 

3. Use a chance to buy Instagram followers. If you have none of those today, there is a very big chance that people who might find you randomly or come to you from a PR campaign via bloggers won’t want to stay, as they will interpret and treat your blog as almost a fake one. You need to have subs so that people would believe your success – and you need only real and authentic subscribers because buying fakes can harm your page and put you into a weird situation where your content won’t be shown to real people anymore. Why? Because IG algorithms will perceive your page as a fake one because of the fake subs overflow. This is why you need to take care and check twice whether you buy real Instagram followers or fake ones. Always ask all the questions that you have from a manager before you pay any money and try to find some reviews from the previous buyers. (1)

4. After that (but before ordering PR from a big blogger) it would be smart to set up an inner advertisement from Instagram itself. Insta gathers all the data about its users (what they like, who they follow, what they search for) and can use it to help its other users to spread ads. Targeted advertisements will reach exactly the people who might be interested in them, and this tool will bring many new subscribers to your profile. By dint of a targeted ad, you will gain specific subs, who are truly interested in you – whilst the previous method will help you with creating an initial base of followers that you will be able to rely on later. Use those in tandem to reach the best results and proceed to order ads from bloggers. 

Using all four of those uncomplicated tools will give you a decent head start and a great boost on your way towards online popularity. Combine them as you will and don’t forget that you are able to buy not only subs but also thumbs up, commentaries, and many other things for your profile’s promotion. However, don’t forget that all of those should be used not as a “main course” but as a support to your own efforts and promotional actions. (2)

Felicia Wilson


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