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3 Styles That Draw Attention in Public


It is easy to draw attention with your style in public. In fact, you can go about it in two ways: wearing less clothing or wearing just enough clothing. The former is easy and may not draw the kind of attention that you want. The latter, however, is a more effective way of standing out in a crowd.

If you want to draw attention in public for all the right reasons, take a look at these tips:

Wear Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing will attract attention because the clothing takes whoever sees you back in time. It may give them a temporary feeling of nostalgia, or it may remind them of a favorite style. And just like that, you have their attention! All you have to do to pull this off is to browse the web for examples of vintage styles and see how you can wear those styles with the outfits you already have.

Oftentimes, you will find items in your closet that can be easily accessorized with vintage pieces to take your look to a new level. This saves you the cost and effort of searching for vintage clothes at stores.

Try Bold Colors that Pop

You may have no idea what color can do to your outfit and style. Colors alone can be what attracts the public to you when you master the art of wearing colors that are bold and “pop”. And the good thing is that anyone can be a master in as little as 15 minutes. Brands such as Blackmerch.co, a Black pride clothing brand, offer a variety of different clothing items with bold and colorful designs.

The first thing you need to do is to think of the colors that fit you best. Colors that still manage to make you look dazzling, even without you trying. Those are the colors you want to always include in your style. And if you don’t have any go-to colors just yet, don’t worry! Just look for colors that compliment your skin tone, hair, or eyes.

Another trick to using color in your wardrobe is to either wear bold colors or colors that pop. Bold colors are sure ways to attract attention, especially if you match them right. But popping colors are a more subtle way of attracting attention, especially when they are in patterned clothes. For instance, a dress that has brightly colored patterns can attract the public to you.

Colors bring a lot to your style. To some extent, they have something to say about your personality. Mastering the art of using them to your advantage can take you from being just another stranger to the focus of the public.

Dress to Impress

Your hourglass shape, curly hair, unusual eye color, or silky smooth skin may be everything you need to draw attention to yourself. You only need to wear clothes that accentuate your assets and you’re good to go. Have a curvy figure? Wear clothing that accentuates your shape.

And if your smile is your best feature, wear lipstick that says “hey, wanna see a smile?”. But don’t forget to back it up with an actual smile. Use lash and eyebrow makeup to accentuate your eyes if that’s your attention magnet. Your long legs could also be the most exciting part of your body. In this case, you might go for leggings or skirts that put your legs on display.


These are three simple ways to make yourself stand out in public for all the right reasons. And the best thing is that these styles don’t have to be lavish. You could pull these off with something as simple as pairing your favorite new style with something vintage. Drawing attention is not always in the outfit, but in how you style it. And most importantly, it’s in how you radiate your confidence.

David Smith