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Your Best Relationship Will Be With The Person Who Does These 10 Things


1. They go out of their way for you. They are willing to drive miles just to bring your favorite meal. They will take the time to find the perfect present for you instead of buying the first thing they see. They will try to see you as much as possible even if that means rescheduling some other things.

2. They embrace the real you. They never say how better you would look if you lost a few pounds or if you changed your hairstyle. You will never hear them telling you what to wear. They love to see you being comfortable in your own skin. They don’t want you to change, but if you decide to change, they will still love you and support you as always.

3. In a room full of people, they have eyes only for you. They give you their full attention. They look you in your eyes instead of their phone. They remember every little detail about you because they actually care about you.

4. They handle conflicts in a mature and sensible way. They always let you know when something is bothering them instead of bottling up their feelings inside. They are always looking to find the fair resolution and are willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship. Plus, regardless of how annoyed they might be at the moment, they always treat you with respect.

5. They give you compliments. They make sure you know how beautiful you are to them. They make you feel desirable and sexy even when you are wearing your pajamas.

6. They put in constant effort to see you happy. They plan dates, cook nice meals for you, comfort you when you are upset, help you out when you need them, buy you your favorite chocolate, book a trip to your favorite destination, kiss you on your forehead, send you sweet texts that they are thinking about you. Because they know it’s the little things matter.

7. They are proud to show you off to everyone they know. They proudly introduce you to their friends, colleagues, and their family. They grab your hand and hold you every time you go out. They want the whole world to know that you are their love.

8. They are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. They are not ashamed of their feelings. Moreover, they always tell you how they feel because they are comfortable with you and they trust you. They also let you be vulnerable around them and express yourself freely.

9. They are excited to spend their life with you. Their eyes sparkle with joy whenever you talk about the future. They look forward to living with you and sharing their life with you.

10. They truly love you. They feel as passionately and strongly as you feel them. They love you with all their heart and you can see it in their eyes.

Mary Wright

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