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If You Love, Love With Intention Because No One Has Time For Half-Ass Things


Don’t say you love someone if you don’t love them fiercely and with intention. If you don’t look at them passionately and just want to grab them and be forever with them. If you never want to let go of them because you can’t get enough of their kisses, smile, touch, laughter, warmth… Don’t do it. Don’t say you love them because you clearly don’t.

If you don’t love them like today is your last day on Earth, then I am sorry, but you don’t love them. Your feelings are lukewarm and that’s not a way to love your partner. If you don’t look at them like they are the best thing you’ve ever seen, then forget it.

Love like you’ve never been hurt. Love freely. Love endlessly. Love without attachments, conditions, and expectations. Love like your heart was never lied to or betrayed. Love with the honesty and innocence of a child.

Otherwise, don’t even bother. Because there is nothing more devastating than half-assing things, especially love.

If you are going to love someone, love them with ferocity. Love them with eagerness. Love them with intention. Love them with your whole heart. Bare your soul to them. Show them you care. Get messy and vulnerable.

If you can’t do it, then let it go. Don’t waste their time. If you are not going to love them with purpose, don’t love them at all and walk away.

Don’t say you love someone if you are not there for them when they need you. Don’t say you love them if you don’t make plans with them. Don’t do it if you are not completely invested in them, mind, body, and soul.

Don’t half-love. Don’t half-ass it. Don’t ‘almost’ love them. Don’t be in a ‘kind of’ commitment. Give your all or stop giving yourself in pieces.

If you want to love someone then damn it love them with intention!

Mary Wright

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Mary Wright