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If Two People Are Meant To End Up Together, Love Will Find A Way To Connect Them


Oh, how sweet and unpredictable true love can be.

You will never know when it might strike you.

It may be a hidden glance across a room, an unexpected encounter on the street, an accidental introduction by a friend. The most unexpected and random events in life can create a single spark who will trigger the most powerful fire inside your heart.

The most ordinary and boring moments in your life may create a powerful and swift cascade of events that will change your life from the core and culminate in you discovering your one true love.

However, there are always people who like to believe that we are the only creators of our future. They believe that life is exactly what we make it. That if you want something to happen for you, you have to get out and actively take a role in shaping your life and bend fate to your will.

That relationships happen only if you work hard for them.

But, as much as I agree with this, I also believe that the people in our lives come for a certain reason that is already predestined in the stars.

I’m not denying the fact that in order to love others and attract kind people you have to love and find yourself first. I’m not denying the fact that for a certain relationship to thrive, you need to constantly invest in it.

I’m just saying that there’s something even bigger than us, humans.

You may not believe in fate, but I’m sure that everything in life happens for a reason.

There’s a voice inside of me that makes me certain of it.

There are no random events, no dumb luck, nothing like that.

If two people are meant to cross their paths, if they are destined to run into each other, they will find their way back into each other’s arms.

Whatever it is that they’re experiencing at this very moment, whatever the challenges that they’re struggling with if they are destined to be together, every part of their lives will fall in its place and build the bridge that will help these souls find each other.

Whether you believe in destiny or you think that you’re the only person responsible for creating your destiny, there’s no denying that there’s a powerful force beyond our control that helps us reunite with the people we were meant to end up with.

So, don’t give up on love.

I know you’re feeling like you’re running around in circles, but you have to believe me. There’s someone out there who shares the same believes, same opinions, ideas, passions, fears and insecurities with you.

There’s someone out there who is desperately searching for you. You’re both unaware of it, but the universe is working in your favor.

So, please, hold on. Give fate a chance.

If you two are meant to be together, love will find a way to connect them.

Stephanie Reeds

A professional writer with many years of experience in the fields of psychology, human relationships, science, and spirituality.
Stephanie Reeds