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I Will Always Choose To Stay Single Than Settle For Your Bullshit


When you had your heart broken many times, when you’ve been lied to, cheated on, when you gave your all to someone who took you for granted… then maybe you’ll share my opinion that being single is not scary and lonely, but it is a life fulfilled with many blessings, opportunities, and excitement if you know how to enjoy it.

In my opinion, everyone should try and be single for a period of time to fall in love with themselves and see their worth so that they will never settle for less than they deserve.

There are people who are afraid to be alone. But I am more afraid to be with someone who will make my life miserable.

I am terrified of wasting my time and devoting myself to someone that doesn’t deserve me. To someone with whom I knew from the very beginning that it was never going to work out.

But most of all, I am scared to give my heart to someone that will end up breaking it. I don’t want to engage in yet another toxic relationship. I’ve had enough.

I will always choose myself. And I will always choose to be single over being in a mediocre relationship. I refuse to lose myself while loving someone who is treating me as ordinary.

No, thank you. I am happy being single.

I refuse to stress over someone who doesn’t know what they want in their life. I refuse to let someone manipulate me and play games with me. Find an immature and inexperienced person and then maybe they’ll fall for your tricks. Not me. I’m sorry but I am too ‘old’ to go through it again and let you walk all over me while calling it “love.”

Yes, I am protective of my single life because I love it so much. I am selfish when it comes to sharing my energy with someone and welcoming someone in my life.

I know my worth and it’s my choice to wait for someone who will see it too. I am a whole person and I expect that someone to be a whole and fulfilled person as well. If that person comes, great! If not, I am already happy with my life as it is.


Mary Wright

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Mary Wright