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Starting ‘Em Young: Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Adults: Is it too late? Learning Curriculum for Kids

Social emotional learning or SEL is the process through which people are taught to process their emotions better or more effectively. As a result, they develop strong social skills that will allow them to react, adapt, and function well in any social setting they may encounter in life.

Both children and adults are able to benefit from a social emotional learning curriculum. But in the same way that prevention is better than a cure, starting them young is much more preferred than having them start as adults

Prevention is Better Than a Cure: Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Kids

It’s important to teach children how to manage their emotions as early as possible because it’s definitely more challenging to teach adults!

Children Learn New Things Faster than Adults

A kid’s mind is basically built to absorb information and learn whereas an adult’s is built to perform given everything they’ve learned over the span of their life.

A kid’s still-developing prefrontal cortex gives them the ability to be inventive, creative, and flexible. In contrast, thanks to the development of their prefrontal cortex, adults often just see things as they are.

Given this, kids will find it easier to absorb SEL lessons than adults would.

Children Require Minimal Correction

As kids are still young and have yet to experience much of the world, chances are that SEL lessons will not be in conflict with the things they’ve learned and the skills they’ve developed in life. More often than not, when it comes to SEL, kids will require very minimal to no corrections in learnings and behavior.

Most adults, on the other hand, would have to unlearn behaviors that would hinder their growth SEL-wise. For instance, an adult may have learned to feel safe in isolation or learned to build up walls as a defense mechanism against things they find hurtful. Unlearning these behaviors to develop their SEL would take a lot of time and effort.

A child who has not developed these behaviors can breeze through an SEL curriculum with ease.

Good Impact from the Get Go

A child with strong social and emotional skills is a child who can positively impact the world from early on.

By teaching a child SEL, we minimize his chances of negatively affecting anyone with bad social and emotional skills.

Children Learn from Each Other

Being in a classroom setting and being around classmates all the time affects the way children learn more than we think they do.

Sure, children learn a lot from their teachers. But during breaks and through interaction in class, they learn from their fellow classmates, too.

A group of children with strong social and emotional skills acts as kind of support group—constantly teaching and learning from each other, constantly developing and strengthening their social and emotional skills, finding strength in the way they interact with each other.

What Does a Social Emotional Curriculum for Kids Entail?

Just as schools are able to teach children math and science, they can do the same with SEL. Although an SEL curriculum will not teach children things that could get them high SAT scores, it’s still just as important—if not, more important than other curriculums as this prepares them for life in general.

What Children Can Develop

With a social emotional learning curriculum, kids are expected to develop strong social and emotional skills that will positively affect their goals, interaction and relationships with others, and overall decisions.

Emotion Management

An SEL curriculum teaches kids to effectively process and manage their emotions.

Students are taught to manage stress, control their impulses, and motivate themselves to set and achieve their goals.

Social Awareness

Socially aware kids are those who are able to understand and react well to social situations. They treat people with respect – regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, cultural upbringing, etc.

With SEL, students practice empathy and react to different social situations with care and compassion.

Relationship Building

Kids are taught to interact with others effectively to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

Communication and comprehension skills are emphasized here – students are taught to speak and listen to others, to constructively negotiate or compromise when faced with conflicts, and to basically be a team player.

Decision Making

Kids are taught to make responsible decisions. This means that students should be able to take into account and evaluate all the pros and cons of their actions – they look at the consequences their actions may have on their community, their health and wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of others.

What Challenges Block the Development of Social Emotional Learning Curriculums in Schools

Starting them young on SEL would mean the integration of these programs in schools.

However, despite all that society can benefit from promoting social emotional learning curriculums in schools, they are still not all that popular or at least being taken seriously.

Lack of Quantifiable Data

As the results of SEL curriculums do not necessarily have quantifiable results, it is easy to dismiss such programs as ineffective and a waste of time. Scholastic metrics are given more importance because of the implications they have on the performance of a school.

Also, being able to financially sustain an SEL curriculum would mean having to justify its implementation.

Believers of the effectiveness of an SEL curriculum are faced with this challenge – with little quantifiable results, how can they prove that such curriculum can effectively improve students’ performance in school and in society in general?

Lack of Stable Funding

Teachers and school leaders would have to be educated about SEL – building their expertise would not only be expensive but technically challenging, too!

The development of such programs doesn’t just happen overnight. In fact, they can take years. The consistent funding of such program despite not having any progress results-wise can be a difficult thing to sustain

Luckily, many SEL organizations offer affordable plans that schools can take advantage of to get started on setting up their own SEL curriculums. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) also provides schools with great guides on how to efficiently sustain a proper social emotional learning curriculum.

With the help of these organizations, a future where we can all start our children young on SEL looks bright!

Why COVID-19 Is Our Future

Coronavirus Is Our Future

Alanna Shaikh has been working in global health for about 20 years, with a specialty in the health system and what happens when health systems experience severe shocks i.e. what happens when diseases move on a large level. She has also led epidemiology efforts ranging from evaluating Ebola treatment centers to looking at the transmission of tuberculosis in health facilities and doing avian influenza preparedness. And here are her views on COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a novel virus and is a coronavirus just like SARS or MERS are. They are all respiratory viruses that damage the respiratory system. All coronaviruses are zoonotic which means they transmit from animals to people. COVID-19, however, transmits also from person to person thus it travels faster and farther. COVID-19 skipped from animal to people at a wild animal market in Wuhan, China.

COVID-19 is not the last epidemic that we’ll see, unfortunately. There are going to be more epidemics as a result of the way that we, as human beings, are interacting with our planet. Part of it is because of climate change and the way a warmer climate makes the world more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. However, it’s also about the way we’re pushing into the last wild spaces on our planet.

When we burn and plow the Amazon rainforest so that we can have cheap land for ranching, when the last of the African bush gets converted into farms, when wild animals in China are hunted to extinction, human beings come into contact with wildlife populations that they’ve never come into contact with before, and those populations have new kinds of diseases.

She says that we can’t stop the outbreaks with quarantine or travel restrictions because it is very hard to do so and act so quickly that they can actually stop the outbreak instantly. That is not possible. And with this virus, you can be infected for 24 days with no symptom and carry the virus with you without knowing that you need to be quarantined.

According to her, if we really want to slow down these outbreaks and minimize their impact, we need to make sure that every country in the world has the capacity to identify new diseases, treat them, and report about them so they can share information.

“If we’d been perfectly prepared for COVID-19, China would’ve identified the outbreak faster. They would’ve been ready to provide care to infected people without having to build new buildings. They would’ve shared honest information with citizens so that we didn’t see these crazy rumors spreading on social media in China.

And, they would’ve shared information with global health authorities so that they could start reporting to national health systems and getting ready for when the virus spread.  National health systems would then have been able to stockpile the protective equipment they needed and train health care providers on treatment and infection control.”

However, even with all of this, we are still going to have outbreaks because of how we occupy this planet of ours. Watch more on this in the video below.

How to Make a Date Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic that changed the world, life goes on, and people want to love and be loved. COVID-19 is not a reason for single people to stay alone and avoid searching for lasting love.

But how to combine dating and health care? We gathered a list of recommendations that will help you find a romantic partner and stay healthy. No matter where you live, now the San Antonio dating features are similar to the Indianapolis ones, and the dress code is the same everywhere.

Keep social distance 

It’s crucial to avoid the crowds, so no more family dinners at a cozy restaurant and favorite bars on Friday evenings. If you see more than 50 people at the venue, you shouldn’t join them. It’s a serious challenge for densely populated cities where citizens used to visit popular places on their LA or Indianapolis dating.

Even this simple rule can be difficult for people to follow. You shouldn’t be one of those who violate it. Furthermore, staying in a noisy place and speaking in a mask isn’t convenient.

Use the benefits of digitalization

Now, it’s the time when we can especially estimate all the benefits of technologies. Social networks, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime help you to stay connected with your friends.

And online dating services are the safest way to find true love in our conditions. Today, NY meetings, as well as Indianapolis dating, are conducted online. At least, during a video call, you can see your partner without a mask.  

Avoid everybody who doesn’t care about health as you do

The Coronavirus is a good common topic to start a conversation, it’s like talking about the weather. Of course, people can have their own point of view, but you don’t need a new acquaintance that doesn’t believe in this serious problem. Just imagine how Ricky can be your date: who knows, how often does he or she wash hands? For serious relationships, you need to find someone who shares your values and way of life.

Make sure that you and your partner are healthy

When you successfully passed stages of chatting, phone calls, and video dates, nothing stops you from meeting in-person. So, if you both feel healthy, you can go for a date and explore the chemistry between you.

A little tip: google the most popular romantic places for a date in your city, for example: “top things to do on San Antonio dating,” but remember the rule about keeping distance and choose parks with small picnics on the lawn. If you want to visit a cafe or restaurant, search for spots with outdoor sittings and contactless payment. Don’t forget your mask and sanitizer.

Discuss what you think about physical contact before a date

It’s an important moment that can help you avoid misunderstanding on your long-awaited Indianapolis date. One of you can expect an expression of feelings, but the other follows the 6 feet distance rule. Talk about it so that you don’t offend anyone.

Wait two weeks before to go on another date

It would be better to stay at home after meeting in-person someone new. It works like a quarantine after a trip – not pleasant but useful. Also, this moment will help you focus on communication with a small number of people. You can’t go for a date every day, so you should be more rigorous in new meetings.

We hope that the pandemic will be over soon, and our dates will be the same again, but now it would be better to follow these rules.

Meta: Let’s talk about safe dates during COVID-19: how to search for someone special, have a good time together, and stay healthy.

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Problems with potency interfere not only with sexual activity but also influence the mental state of men. Unfortunately, it is fairly common: erectile dysfunction affects 52% of men aged 40-70 years. Therefore, it is important to know what to do about it.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erection depends on a number of mental, neurogenic, hormonal, vascular, and anatomical factors. Diseases such as diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, vascular and neurological pathologies are concomitant medical conditions in about 70% of all erectile dysfunction cases.

Also, nerves and arteries of the penis can be damaged during medical interventions (e.g. prostatectomy for the treatment of prostate cancer), which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Many medications like those that regulate blood pressure, antidepressants, sedatives, or appetite suppressants can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

It is suggested that psychological factors, such as stress and depression, are also responsible for 10-20% of erectile dysfunction cases.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Modern medicine has a wide range of treatment options that can help patients with erectile dysfunction. However, the most innovative method in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, i.e. stem cell therapy, reasonably stands out.

Stem cells are cells of the human body that are capable of transforming into healthy cells of any tissue of any organ. In the case of erectile dysfunction, stem cells can improve the blood supply to the penis by restoring blood vessels and nerve endings. The structure of all pathologically altered elements of the penis is restored, as a result of which erectile dysfunction is treated.

Stem cells can eliminate not only the physical cause of the disease but also the psychological one due to the nervous system restoration. After a course of stem cell therapy, patients’ resistance to stress increases, sleep problems disappear, and libido improves. Stem cell treatment is used in the best clinics in the world and is safe and effective.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

First, doctors evaluate the patient’s condition and the eligibility of the patient for the stem cell treatment. During the consultation, all possible complications and the possibility of alternative therapies are also considered. The patient is eligible for stem cell therapy if the following criteria are met:

  • The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is confirmed
  • The patient’s bone marrow contains stem cells of adequate quality and in sufficient quantity

How is the procedure carried out?

First, under local anesthesia, the doctor harvests a sample of bone marrow. The bone marrow sample is then delivered to the laboratory. Bone marrow harvesting is followed by no side effects, except for the bruise, which disappears in a couple of days.

In the laboratory, the samples are examined and processed. Processing consists of isolation of stem cells, determination of the total number of stem cells, evaluation of stem cell viability, and their cultivation.

After the bone marrow is harvested, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the penis and angiography are performed, based on which the course of the therapy is determined.

How to undergo stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction?

Stem cell therapy isn’t available in every clinic. You may find out that there is no option for treatment in your native country. Nevertheless, you can always undergo treatment abroad.

However, many patients find it difficult or even impossible to receive medical visas during the lockdown. To be free of unnecessary stress, you should consider contacting the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

Booking Health is a transparent medical tourism company that has helped many patients to undergo treatment abroad during the lockdown. For example, if you were told that it is impossible to get a medical visa because the embassy is closed due to lockdown, Booking Health successfully resolves the issue through federal police.

You can start stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction right now. Just leave the request on the Booking Health website, and a medical advisor will guide you through the organizational aspects of your treatment.

Growing A Beard with Essential Oil Blends

Well, here’s the thing: A blend of certain essential oils can do much more wonders than a single essential oil can do to your lovely beard. Essential oils are so easy to use that you can create a customized beard oil blend that fits your beard grooming requirements. Want to wipe out acne on the beard scalp – the worst thing that hinders beard growth? There’s an essential oil blend. Want to fill in the missing spots forever? Another blend is ready to make the dream come true. Or need to overcome hair dandruff, the father of dryness and itchiness? Fear not, there’s a specific essential oil blend to get you to the solution. Want to tackle other factors that block beard growth and grooming? Unsurprisingly, there’s a special blend for the purpose.

But before you jump into preparing these powerful blends, you need to first prepare yourself for the job so you can get the maximum benefits and can prevent any loss of time, money, energy, and – of beard hair!

  • Essential oil blends require more quantities of the oils so the wise decision is to buy pure essential oils in bulk at wholesale prices. This will save both your time and money.
  • Dilute the blends with some carrier oil like jojoba, coconut, or almond oil. Undiluted essential oils can pose serious damage to the skin.
  • The standard and safe carrier-essential oil ratio is 1 tablespoon and 5 drops respectively.
  • Use Amber Glass Bottles or other dark-colored and hard-material bottles to prepare and preserve the blends.
  • Mix the blend well each time you’re going to apply it to the beard.
  • 4-6 drops of any blend are enough for a one-time application. Also, don’t overuse the mixture – once a day, especially before going to the bed can bring desired results.

Perfect Essential Oil Blends for Beard

Numerous factors can hinder beard growth. So, specific essential oil blends for specific issues can solve the problem.

Perfect Dandruff-removing Blend

  • Peppermint essential oil- 5drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil- 5drops
  • Frankincense essential oil- 5drops
  • Coconut oil- 3tbs

Cedarwood essential oil helps lower the urge for itching caused by beard dandruff. This means the less you itch, the less are the chances of your beard hair loss. Using Peppermint essential oil for beard growth is becoming a common practice because the oil’s chemical components can help promote blood circulation to the beard scalp and thus you get a denser and evenly beard. Peppermint essential oil also gives a cooling sensation on the beard scalp when itching and scratching make you feel irritated. Frankincense essential oil helps keep your beard from dryness, a leading cause of beard dandruff.

Remove Acne, Reduce Stress, and Boost Immunity with This Powerful Blend

No need to wonder – High levels of stress and a weaker immune system also slow down beard growth. And the breakout of acne on the beard scalp even worsens the situation. But, no worries. Here’s the solution.

  • Scotch Pine essential oil- 4drops
  • Rosemary essential oil- 5drops
  • Lemon essential oil- 6drops
  • Almond oil- 3tbs

Scotch Pine essential oil may help reduce acne and pimples underneath the beard and thus promotes beard growth. Due to its energizing, uplifting, and calming fragrance, the oil can aid in lowering stress levels. Both Rosemary and Lemon essential oil can boost up the stronger immune response and can help erase acne scars and blemishes.


Nature carries profound positive effects on our overall beauty and essential oils are the living proof of that. No matter what kind of issue is leading to less beard growth, essential oils can always win the game. Use it once and you’ll fall in love with them.

CBD and Mental Health


Mental health is currently a national debate. In the past, it was a fringe topic even though millions of people with mental health problems remained undertreated. Today, mental health issues affect millions of people in America. The number of people taking anti-psychotic drugs is increasing. This has prompted health experts to search for better treatments for mental health problems.

CBD has been touted as a potential treatment for mental health disorders. Individuals with mental health disorders like depression and anxiety have turned to marijuana for relief. Cannabis has different strains or forms. And because many people can easily access it, they have smoked it as a way to relieve psychiatric illnesses. Unfortunately, this has exposed them to the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the chemical compound that gets a person high when they smoke marijuana.

As such, smoking cannabis is not the best way to relieve symptoms for people with mental health problems. That’s why a person may invest in cbd oil vape pen from vapingdaily to vaporize cannabidiol instead of smoking marijuana. That’s because smoking cannabis can exacerbate symptoms in some cases. CBD doesn’t have psychoactive substances. That’s why people with mental health problems are turning to it.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound in the industrial hemp plant. It is one of the many cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. But, unlike the other cannabinoids found in this plant, CBD is non-psychoactive. Its pharmacological profile is also different. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp and marijuana plant. However, the hemp plant has more CBD and less THC. That’s why it’s the preferred source of pure CBD.

Research has shown that CBD has a therapeutic role in some mental disorders. However, before using this cannabidiol as a treatment for a mental health problem, it’s important to consult with a medical doctor. And though a person can use CBD for mental health, it should be combined with medication.

What Is Known So Far

Many people are interested in using CBD as a treatment for mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Celebrities like Kristen Bell and Jennifer Aniston that use CBD to ease depression and anxiety symptoms have driven this trend significantly.

But, before purchasing a CBD vape pen and starting using the cannabinoid as a treatment for a mental health issue, it’s wise to find out what is known so far. The benefits of using CBD and other cannabinoids for mental health are currently a buzz. This trend has even outpaced research.

Currently, there is inadequate evidence to suggest that CBD and other cannabinoids can help with symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. As such, some researchers urge physicians to avoid recommending them as mental health disorders’ treatment.

So far, there is little evidence suggesting that CBD can be used for mental illnesses. Most studies on CBD have focused on conditions like multiple sclerosis and chronic non-cancer pain. Depression and anxiety are largely considered as secondary symptoms in most studies.

CBD Can Help with Depression

Research has shown that CBD works by binding to a neurotransmitter known as 5-HT1A. Conventional psychiatric medications target the same receptor. Studies have shown that one dose of CBD provides antidepressant-like effects the day a person receives the treatment and the beneficial effect can be maintained for a week.

Today, many people are taking CBD claiming that it helps in relieving stress-related symptoms of anxiety. Others say it helps them function and sleep better.

CBD Can Help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a common condition that affects people that have witnessed, experienced, or perceived life-threatening injury or trauma. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition include nightmares, mood swings, anxiety, violence, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Research has suggested that CBD might help people with this condition. That’s because CBD affects how the brain organizes memories and connects them with emotions in individuals experiencing trauma.

Some experiments have suggested that CBD affects the levels of endocannabinoids like 2-AG or anandamide. And, this can potentially benefit people with PTSD. Researchers are yet to explain how trauma and stress affect mental health and the best ways of managing its effects. As such, CBD research could be the only hopeful path for discovering more effective and safer medicines.

Psychiatrists Recommend Cautious Use of CBD for Mental Health

If you or a loved one has a mental health problem, don’t rush to buy CBD oil vape pen and start using it as a treatment. Many people are turning to cannabinoids as a treatment for their chronic pain treatment blindly.

Currently, there is inadequate evidence to conclusively show that CBD can help with mental health disorders. Therefore, people should be cautious about their use of CBD and other cannabinoids as a treatment for mental health conditions. That’s because if poorly treated or untreated, some mental health disorders can get worse.

Using CBD to treat some mental illnesses can lead to negative side effects in some cases. What’s more, the cannabidiol that a person buys and uses in a non-study setting can have contaminants that can have negative effects on their overall health. So, before buying and using a disposable CBD vape pen for mental health, find out about the origin of the product.

Instead of self-medicating with CBD, experts recommend working with reputable mental health providers they are comfortable with. That way, their improvement of symptoms, as well as, potential side effects can be monitored and addressed properly.

The Bottom Line

Research indicates that more people are using cannabinoids as a treatment for mental health disorders. These include people with depression and anxiety who use marijuana for self-medicating. However, there is no sufficient evidence to support the use of CBD and other cannabinoids in treating mental health conditions. What’s available at the moment is a potential promise that CBD might help with mental health conditions. As such, further research is required to determine if CBD can help improve mental health or treat disorders like anxiety and depression. Therefore, any individual that wants to use cannabinoids for mental health should consult with their doctor before purchasing and using a CBD oil vape pen starter kit.

How To Properly Alkalize Your Body During Corona Outbreak

Drastic times call for drastic measures, some might say. However, when it comes to protecting yourselves and your dearest and nearest, a few quite simple habits will have a HUGE impact on your overall physical and mental health!

For those of you who are not that familiar with the state of ALKALINITY vs. ACIDITY here are all the basic facts.

A pH is a scale of acidity from 0 to 14 used to specify how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Neutral substances have a pH of 7. Every substance with a pH below 7 is considered acidic, and every substance with a pH above 7 is considered alkaline. Our body, or more accurately, our blood, is slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7,4, and our stomach is acidic so as to process the food that we consume. And that is all of the chemistry that you’ll need to know.

How does the food that we consume affect our overall health and why is it so important to alkalize?

Making quality food choices nowadays seems quite a challenge with all of the online nutritionists’ pieces of advice. It seems sometimes as though we ought to have a list of at least a dozen of habits in order to stay fit, vital and healthy; yet, we lack the time to practice all of them. When we do find the time, on the other hand, we often don’t know which practice or food is the right one for us. Here is where alkalinity takes the lead role.

Nourishing an alkaline body environment not only preserves us from even the most dangerous viruses and bacteria (yes, you are reading it right), but it also speeds up our metabolism, it promotes a healthy endocrine system, keeps our mood and emotions balanced and even aids in weight loss!

How to alkalize your body?

The rule is simple. Most raw foods are alkaline, most processed foods are acidic.

Drinking a big glass of water combined with the juice of 1 squeezed lemon in the morning, has never been more important! It alkalizes the entire body immediately! (Note that even though lemons are acidic in taste, they have an alkaline pH.)

Consuming leafy greens is also a very powerful tool to alkalize your body!

Almost 90% of people worldwide practice a so-called acidic diet, but this is none of their fault. It’s simply the ways of the modern world. We eat on the go, rarely cook and don’t pay much attention to what we consume in general. The crazy passed daily life and work, the environment and the food commercials, they all play a vital role in this.

The problem lies in the fact that people who aren’t familiar with the basics of chemistry or medicine, do not pay attention to the simple facts that almost 85% of all diseases arise from an improper diet. Diseases can’t live long nor develop in an alkaline body environment, and almost every doctor knows this. That is the main reason why cancer patients (and people with other severe diseases) are advised to radically change their diet, i.e. to transfer to a raw diet.

What to do now?

Change your food habits, start small but stay consistent. Consume lemon-water in the morning; this is basically the most important thing that you have to do. If you alkalize in the morning (when the body is most acidic), then your chances of catching a cold minimize. Start consuming leafy green salads. Consume more vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts in general. It is also crucial that, prior to consuming them, you keep all the fruits and vegetables in a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate for at least 20 min. (A tea spoon in a few litters of water will do the trick – don’t worry too much about the ratio.)

Avoid eating junk food, processed sugars, too much red meat, white rice, white sugar, white flour, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, soft and fizzy drinks, canned fruits… This doesn’t mean that you should immediately exclude all cravings, it just means that now, perhaps more than ever, your paying attention to what you consume can help preserve the homeostasis of your body!

Here is also a chart that will help you in your food choices and that shows the exact pH of each type of food.

Choose well and stay safe!


Essential Skills to Become a Better Pediatrician

There are dozens of branches in medicine, but only one focuses on the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents pediatrics. Children are innocent creatures oblivious to the complexities of the world.

Unlike an adult, a sick child is unhappy, fussy, and scared, making it quite challenging to deal with them. The parent also becomes fearful and stressed. Therefore, a skilled pediatrician should know how to put both the parent and child at ease.

Besides the basic pediatric medical training, a great pediatrician also requires to possess the following clinical skills;-

Good Listener

This is probably the most crucial clinical skill in healthcare, whether dealing with children, adults, or geriatric patients. Listen carefully to what the parent and patient are telling you. Plus, it would help if you read between the lines to what is being left out.

For example, if the guardian is worried about medical bills, they may leave out some crucial information. It is your task to note this and assure both the parent and child that they will get the care they deserve without having to worry about finances.

Great Communication Skills

Along with listening, you will need to convey crucial information to your patient and parent. Ensure you use the most straightforward language possible, speak at a measured pace, and use illustrations if you have to. Despite the age of your patient, nothing must be left unsaid, as children as intuitive creatures.

Socially Perceptive

It goes without saying that you will be dealing with patients from all sorts of religious and cultural backgrounds as a pediatrician. Therefore, you must appreciate the dynamics across race, gender, and religion.

This way, you will know how to welcome your patients and create a trusting environment without overstepping boundaries.


A larger portion of the patients you will be interacting with as a pediatrician are minors. As a result, their guardians will be doing most of the talking. Thus the pediatrician needs to be observant and intuitive.

Pay attention to the non-verbal cues of your patient for any abnormal or indifferent behavior. Stressed or abused children tend to be distant with sudden strange tendencies such as wetting the bed. If you suspect inconsistency in the details being provided, trust your intuition and take the appropriate measures.

Have a Way with Children

Most kids are afraid of hospitals. The thought of needles and interacting with anyone in a white coat freaks children. Even when with their parents, fear does not seem to dissipate.

Therefore, it would be incredibly useful if you would find a way to put children at ease. Try wearing scrubs or lab coats, funny cartoon characters, and be friendly. Always remember that making a child laugh is the easiest way to ease their anxiety. This way, the kid can explain his problem and let you examine him without causing a fuss. 


Provision of quality healthcare in pediatrics while creating a good rapport with your patients requires practice and skills acquisition. The skills discussed in this text are just a glimpse of what you need as a great pediatrician.

Workout for Your Mental Health – 3 Best Mindfulness Exercises

Modern society brings with it a fair number of stresses. In some way, all of us deal with stress, tension, and anxiety. Some cope with it better, while others silently suffer. Regardless of what your stress may be, leaving it unchecked could cause problems in your everyday life. Uncontrolled anxiety can creep up on you and make everyday life difficult. Before your issue turns into a chronic disorder, check your stress and alleviate the symptoms. Often we are so busy in the professional lives that we pay no heed to our mental wellbeing.

We understand that de-stressing is easier said than done, which is why we are here to help you.

Contemporary psychology has given rise to a form of meditation known as mindfulness. Mindfulness focuses on being present in the moment and experiencing your surrounding by thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, bodily sensations.

Therefore, here are three great mindfulness exercises for your mental health.

The Raisin Exercise

An effective way to de-stress and bring yourself back into the present moment is through a mindfulness exercise. It is relatively common for students who feel overworked to use something like this. Primarily for medical students who spend hours reading through coursework. Therefore whether you’re studying on campus or pursuing an online master in health administration, this one is for you.

Focus on a piece of food (usually a raisin). Assume that you have never eaten one before in your life. Smell it, feel it, flick it and listen to the dense sound. Look at it, the creases and ridges. Notice how it is shriveled up; imagine what it would look like if it weren’t. Then slowly chew on it, experience the raisin’s taste, and appreciate it for all it is.

It’s a good idea to do this in a comfortable environment where you won’t be disturbed. You can use any small food. Just make sure that you are mentally present in the moment and free from distractions. It is an old technique that induces positivity and releases endorphins.

Leaves On A Stream

When de-stressing, it’s common for thoughts to emerge in your mind, impeding the process. Therefore, we encourage this exercise.

Imagine you are watching a stream or creek. The water is flowing; you can hear it. You can feel the mist and smell of the earth. Set the pace of the water as you think it should be. It doesn’t have to be fast, nor too slow. Now imagine leaves floating by on the water. Gently, flowing away till you can’t see them anymore. When you have successfully created the image in your mind and set the environment’s pace, you can move onto the next step.

Imagine your thoughts sitting on the leave and then gently flowing away. Good, bad, or mundane, it doesn’t matter. Whatever comes into your mind, set it on the leaf and just let it flow away. Take about 15 seconds for each thought. After a while, your negative thoughts will start to emerge. Place them on the same leaves and let them flow away with the current.

Once you feel calmer after this exercise, return to reality and get on with your day.

Relax And Make It Up Along The Way

Find a comfortable room where you can be alone in a peaceful environment. Once you are ready, it’s time to create your mindful exercise.

  1. The recurring theme in mindfulness is a sensation in your surroundings. Consider closing your eyes and lying down on a bed. Feel the breeze if there is any. Listen to the sounds of the birds. Appreciate the unique smells in the room, like that of your fresh bedsheets. Notice how the sheets feel on your skin. Notice how your eyelids flicker when you struggle to keep them closed.
  2. After that, monitor how your body feels when you breathe in and out. You should notice yourself sinking deeper into the bed when you exhale. Scan yourself from head to toe. Flex your muscle when you breathe in, and relax them when you breathe out. Do this with each muscle group. Slowly work your way from the top of your head to your toes. Take your time with each body part.

When you are ready to return, pause the bodily awareness and return to experiencing it through your senses. After internalizing the environment, you can get up and return to your activities.


These exercises can significantly help reduce stress in your everyday life and improve your mental health. There is a misconception that meditation is helpful only when you are stressed. But it would help if you tried it sometimes so that general stressors don’t get you down.

With that said, these exercises could greatly help you in your everyday life and work towards boosting your mental health. It’s essential to take time out for yourself and live in the moment. These exercises can bring you in touch with reality and change how you think about the here and now.

5 Healthcare Professions That Are Gaining Global Demand Post-Pandemic

Indeed, COVID-19 has erupted chaos worldwide. It has impacted the wealth and health of nations, let alone taking millions of lives. But despite causing a significant turn of events, COVID-19 has paved the way for change. It has resulted in many advancements that would have otherwise taken years to accomplish. So, this pandemic has been not only a mountain of despair but also a stone of hope. 

In the job sector, some industries have experienced a significant surge in demand due to the pandemic. The healthcare industry, in particular, has gained global attention since it has put some of the healthcare systems under mammoth pressure and stretched workers beyond their capacity. At the same time, the crisis led to realizing how essential healthcare workers are for the overall economy. 

The unwavering need for healthcare experts won’t disappear anytime soon, even after the pandemic is over. The demand for healthcare workers will skyrocket in the coming years. So, with that being said, what are the most high-in-demand healthcare careers of today? 

Listed below are all the healthcare professions taking flight post-pandemic.

  1. Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator is one profession that has received special recognition ever since the pandemic rose to the surface. The job of a healthcare administrator is to oversee all the activities necessary to run a healthcare facility. 

Your focus will be to delegate tasks, organize your staff, and ensure the facility has all the resources and inventory available to carry out operations. You will also manage and coordinate services provided to health programs and the staff. Lastly, your job will be to solve and improve specific issues in the healthcare system. 

To land a career as a healthcare administrator, you need to have a master’s in public health. Since all educational routes have now been transferred online, pursuing education is now easier than ever. We advise you to check out online MPH programs and explore the many advantages of pursuing this degree. By earning this degree, you will have the potential to impact the lives of millions positively. 

  1. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses have never been more in demand. They hit that sweet spot where pay, responsibility, and schooling balance out. As a registered nurse, you will have to spend a lot of time directly with patients. Keeping them comfortable, assessing their well-being, and doing all of the many things that come up, are some responsibilities.

You can become a registered nurse with a license and an associate’s degree in two or three years. You can even specialize in areas such as emergency, delivery/labor, intensive care, and pediatric, or you can work as a camp or school nurse.

Indeed, this is a tough job – you’ll be on your feet all the time, and during your shifts, stress levels may rise. After all, you are responsible for people’s lives. But there is no shortage of work for remarkable nurses, and the more experience you get, the more high-in-demand you will be.

  1. Physician Assistant

If you’ve ever visited an urgent care center, you may have seen a Physician assistant. You may not have even realized that they were not technically doctors because physician assistants do nearly everything a doctor does. They diagnose illnesses, write prescriptions, and even perform exams. But they have some limitations as well. They can only assist in surgery, not execute it. But for your common injuries and day-to-day sickness, a PA can do it all.

When you become a physician assistant, you can work in any specialty a doctor can, from senior to neonatal. Plus, it only requires a master’s degree, meaning you will get there much faster and with a lot less debt.

  1. Radiation Therapists

Another most in-demand post-pandemic healthcare career is radiation therapists. 

Radiation therapists are part of the cancer treatment team. These therapists operate the machines that produce concentrated radiation therapy to a patient’s tumor. They are also responsible for describing treatment plans to patients, checking for unusual reactions, and determining the region of the body receiving treatment. 

Healthcare facilities usually prefer to hire candidates with at least an associate’s degree in radiation therapy. However, some facilities accept those who have completed a certified program. In certain states, radiation therapists must be certified or licensed. Requirements vary depending on the State but passing a national certification exam is mandatory.

  1. Surgeons

If you work well under pressure and are exceptionally dedicated, perhaps you were born to become a surgeon. 

This particular field is highly diverse since surgeons are allowed to specialize in any area. You can dedicate your career to a unique aspect of surgery. That said, you can become a neurosurgeon, a pediatric surgeon, a general surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, etc.

To be a surgeon, you will need a degree from medical school, which takes four years to complete, and depending on the specialty, 4 to 6 years of internship and residency. It is a high-in-demand profession since more qualified workers are now battling the coronavirus pandemic’s effects. So go ahead and shoot your shot.


The demand for the healthcare professions listed above won’t disappear, even if the curve begins to flatten. Yes, times are still unsettling, but don’t let the uncertainty of today derail your plans for the future that lies ahead. Soon, we will forget about the miseries of today, and peace will return. Also, the opportunities you’ve always dreamt about will be there, waiting for you. So buck up and play your part in making this world a better place by venturing into any of these highlighted healthcare careers. 

You May Die From A Broken Heart, A Cardiologist Warns

R. Todd Hurst, MD, is a board-certified cardiologist and a director of the Center for Cardiovascular Health at Banner – University Medicine Heart Institute, and associate professor of medicine at the University of Arizona. He tells a story how 16 years ago he was called to see a 49-year-old woman who was experiencing a heart attack.

She had all symptoms of a heart attack – an abnormal ECG, chest pain, and a blood test that showed a heart muscle damage. However, he noticed that she wasn’t fitting the frame of someone that should be at risk of a heart attack. She ate well, was very active, had a healthy weight, she had no family history of heart disease, and her blood sugar, blood pressure, and her cholesterol levels were amazingly good.

And he also noticed another thing: she started experiencing the symptoms soon after she heard that her loved one died.

“After discussing the options, we decided to perform a heart catheterization to evaluate her heart arteries. The results were surprising. First, her arteries looked completely normal. But the bigger surprise was that, despite her healthy arteries, the function of her heart was severely decreased, with about 2/3 of her heart not squeezing” he said.

He and his colleagues cannot believe their eyes. Even though they had decades of experience, none of them had seen something like that before. No one has seen a perfectly healthy young woman with normal arteries to have so disastrously damaged heart.

After some time, he learned that there is a syndrome called a broken heart syndrome that exists but is not completely understood.

“We do know that increased adrenaline and the sympathetic nervous system surge that occurs with stress play an important role, we also see evidence that the central nervous system and endocrinology system are involved. But why broken heart syndrome occurs in some people and at some times, and not others, is not understood.”

The medical literature shows that any type of stress can cause the broken heart syndrome, including lightning strike, public speaking, bad news, illness, cocaine use, argument, gambling losses, thyrotoxicosis, surprise birthday party, and so on.

And when we think about it, what’s really the heart? Scientists and doctors describe it as a pump for pumping blood. Poets and writers describe it as the center of our emotions and a sacred place when we feel both heartbreak and love. Who is right? Well, this syndrome suggests that both are right.

What do you think?


How To Balance Between Relationships and Study

The older we grow, the more we realize that life is all about responsibilities. It never gets any easier. As you advance from one academic level to another, it gets clearer that your day-to-day activities will always deny you the opportunity to interact with your partner, friends, and family year in, year out.

And only think that after so many years of early mornings and long days of classes, assignments, and examinations, you still have a career to work on, just as hard, for the rest of your life. Cool huh? Not so much, I guess.

So how do you balance between your relationship and study? Despite many hours of classes and doing your homework, you will want to spend time with your significant other if you truly care about each other.

Below are a few ways you can balance your schoolwork and relationships:

  1. Study together

You can meet up after classes with your partner and study together. Whether it’s your homework or you need to study for that test next week, this time is enough to see each other even if you have busy schedules. It might be an excellent chance to assist each other with schoolwork while bonding at the same time. 

Just don’t get too distracted, though.

  1. Keep in touch

Of course, there are those days when circumstances just won’t allow you to link up. You cannot always be in a position to do that.

This is 2020. You have almost a thousand, okay maybe a hundred ways to keep in touch with your partner via text, voice calls, or you can even video call them and see their face. Technology rocks!

You will never feel apart if you actively communicate.

  1. Utilize your free time

Whether it is a movie on a Saturday evening or that trip you have been talking about over the holidays, make it a habit to find time for each other when you are not too engaged with schoolwork.

  1. Set rules and stick to them

I know, and you both know just how much you distract each other. I mean, let’s face it, would you rather stare at that biology book or would you rather stare at your partner’s face? Careful, that biology book might have feelings too.

Since you both have goals and ambitions to achieve and you both want to give the other room to attain them, you can agree on specific hours of the day or specific days of the week to be together.

Get Your Assignments Done for You

You know those times when you are with your partner and get so carried away in each other’s presence that you forget to complete your assignment. Maybe it’s not that you did not complete it because you probably did not even start.

Let this not worry you. We have numerous platforms online, providing top rated essay writing service. At an affordable rate, get your paper done by top essay services before that deadline arrives.

Addicted to Drugs? 3 Tips to Start Seeking Help

Being addicted to drugs can be an uphill battle. Learn some introductory tips that can help and can get you in contact with professionals who will help further.

In the USA, around 20 million adults are fighting an addiction.

The process of getting clean is long and fraught with difficulties along the way. But, it is the best way to get your life back on track.

In this article, we’ll look at a few introductory tips that will help you fight your addiction. If you are addicted to drugs, there is help out there for you.

  1. Find a Support Network

Supportive people are the most important aspect of helping you get clean. If you’re surrounded by addicts or family members who are judgemental, you are likely to relapse.

Instead, find new friends who are in the same circumstances as you. It may take you some time to find the right network of people, but once you have it, it’ll save your life.

Start by joining groups online. Support groups will give you an online community free from the temptation that your Facebook friends may post.

Furthermore, look out for local support groups. Join a few and figure out which format or group is right for you. Once you’ve been to a couple, make a decision on which group you want to commit to and go every single week.

  1. Start an Activity That You Enjoy

For some people this includes getting back into playing a sport they enjoyed as a kid. Perhaps you loved basketball or swimming?

Exercise boosts endorphins and can help improve your life in the long run. Furthermore, exercise may even help you beat your addiction

If this isn’t right for you, try another activity, such as learning a new language, starting a crafting class, or volunteering for a cause you believe in.

By changing your life in these ways, you’ll be building your network and also filling your life with things that are worthwhile to you.

If this doesn’t work, consider booking yourself into a luxury rehab center for more professional help.

  1. Learn How You Can Manage Your Urges

Have you built a new life with friends, volunteer-work, and exercise? That’s great! But, what happens when you begin to have urges again?

Perhaps a friend has offered you some coke or you’re going to a cousin’s wedding where there will be lots of free alcohol.

In order to manage your urges, you need to develop systems and methods. Perhaps you tell people as soon as you meet them that you’re sober? Although unpleasant, it will help keep you accountable.

Alternatively, try journaling to learn when you’re feeling most tempted. Meditation and breathing exercises help many. Chewing gum is another unusual but useful tool for keeping your mind off your addiction.

Finally, having a sponsor that you can call when times get tough is essential. Don’t be afraid to pick up that phone, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Managing your urges is highly personal, but once you’ve learned a few ways that can help, you’ll feel more in control.

Are You Addicted? Get Help Today

Unfortunately, beating addiction is not easy. But, if you are addicted, there are many things to try, including professional help.

Speaking about your addiction to ones you love will help you on the road to recovery.

Have you found this article helpful? Check out the rest of the website for more useful content.

7 Signs You Should Definitely Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractor visits have become the next big thing and many people are making the switch for all sorts of problems. A chiropractor visit can quickly help diagnose what problems may be going on and offer solutions to the problem, all in one visit.

But what does a chiropractor do and when should you see one?

Here are 7 signs you should visit a chiropractor.

  1. Joint and Muscle Pain

One of the most common reasons to book a chiropractor appointment is for joint and muscle pain. This can mean anything from tennis elbow to sore calves after a long day.

There is a difference between pain and soreness as well. Pain is often sharp and shooting. Whereas with soreness, it is often an uncomfortable feeling and feels more like fatigue.

Often, when people experience muscle or joint pain, they’ll jump straight to using medication. But when you do this, you’re more so putting a bandaid on an open wound, rather than addressing the problem. A chiropractor will often help your body move freely through spinal adjustments, keeping you at the top of your game.

  1. Stationary Jobs

Stationary jobs that require a great amount of sitting are reaching new heights as more people work from home. In 2019, roughly only 20% of Americans were working physically active jobs, with this number more than likely to rise in 2020.

When we are stationary for long periods of time, we can start to experience an increase in chronic pains related to our head, neck, and back. Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time also leads to an increase in poor posture. Poor posture is one of the leading causes of neck and back pain.

Another way to help with preventative measures of stationary jobs is to invest in standing desks or even active desks. Active desks consist of a stationary bike or treadmill. Both as a way to keep you active while still working the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

  1. Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is also an extremely common problem here in America. Around 54 million American adults deal with arthritis, which can lead to an increase in chronic back pain. When arthritis reaches the back and starts causing that chronic inflammation, it is called rheumatoid arthritis.

When seeking back pain relief from a chiropractor, consistent visits from massages and spinal adjustments can start tackling the problem at hand. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the work yourself either.

Keep track of how you’re sitting at work or home and try to keep an active lifestyle. A good diet that is low in inflammatory foods will also help reduce the amount of inflammation that occurs.

  1. Chronic Headaches

Headaches are common and can be caused by several factors. This can include everything from a lack of water intake, an influx of stress, illness, or even an issue impacting the spinal cord.

Where this is a misalignment occurring in the neck or spine, this can lead to an increase in tension headaches. These headaches often affect the back of the head and into the neck, making sitting up straight uncomfortable.

A chiropractor will focus on adjusting the spine in these areas to stop the misalignment from happening. Depending on the issue, this could mean reoccurring visits to them.

But by realigning the spine where it is supposed to go, it often means your head and brain are getting better oxygen delivery. When this happens, the chance of getting headaches is decreased.

  1. You Live an Active Lifestyle

While a stationary lifestyle can lead to poor posture and other issues, living an active lifestyle can also be taxing on the body. Seeing a chiropractor is more like maintenance in this case.

Think of it like a car. A car works well and gets you where you need to be. It does its job and keeps on running. But you still need to fill it with gas and get the oil changed every couple thousand miles.

Your diet is the gas your body needs and the oil change is the chiropractic maintenance that your body needs. When you fall behind on maintenance, then your car will start to not run optimally. The same theory can be applied to your body.

  1. Sharp Pain or Tingly Nerve Feeling in Legs

Sharp and shooting pain in the leg, which is often referred to as a tingly or pins and needles feeling, is another sign to visit the chiropractor. This can often stem from a pinched nerve that occurs in the spine or even towards the hips.

This form of pain is often referred to as sciatica and correlates with the sciatic nerve becoming damaged or pinched. Regular visits to the chiropractor for adjustments are meant to alleviate this pain.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t something else at play. Just like with tackling any of the other issues, a chiropractor visit is meant to fix the issue. You have to put in the effort to help prevent it from happening.

This means eating a healthier diet, increasing activity levels, and booking regular appointments with your chiropractor for maintenance.

For those looking for help when choosing a chiropractor, be sure to check out the link.

  1. After an Accident

Car accidents and falls are other common culprits of chronic pain. If you have been in an accident, be sure to check with a chiropractor and see if there is any work that needs to be done.

Often, pain from accidents takes a few days to weeks to kick in. It is better to start treating it from the beginning and at first signs, versus later when it takes a lot longer to heal properly.

Visit a Chiropractor Today, It Might Just Change Your Life

When you choose to visit a chiropractor, you are essentially giving your body the kick it needs to work properly. Your body carries you around from day-to-day and needs to be taken care of in every way, shape, and form.

If you want to learn more about health and how our body is impacted by our daily cycle, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. If you know someone that is suffering from any of these signs, be sure to share this article with them.

Here’s Your Guide to Learning About Brahmi

Everyone is striving to live their healthiest lives these days. They are more cognizant of their health and wellness more than ever. They move their bodies daily, focus on foods with nutrients, and find natural supplements, and remedies that will keep their bodies at optimal performance. Many people do not like taking prescription drugs, chemicals, or other unnatural remedies.

There are so many best practices or suggested techniques for reaching optimal health. The thing is, everyone has a different perspective on what works for them. If you want to stay on the right track, do some research, try new things, and see what products are in tune with your body. It will make it much easier to adopt these new practices as a permanent part of your lifestyle.

What Do You Know About Brahmi?

To many people, the word Brahmi does not mean anything. They have never heard this term before and it has no significance. There are so many herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants out there but Brahmi is not a commonly referenced word. 

Or maybe you have been told about Brahmi, but your memory is slow to remember. Well, there is a natural holistic remedy that may help with your memory issues.

What is Brahmi?

If you are a person that prefers holistic and non-conventional drugs, it will be worthwhile to research natural herbs and medicines that may help solve your issues. Taking holistic and natural ingredients still needs to be taken with caution so do some research before ingesting anything you are not familiar with.

Now is the time to learn about brahmi— it may be the solution you are looking for.

Brami is an herb that can be found in humid, and tropical environments in several locations around the world. Brahmi can be found in the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas.

This herb has been around for centuries and used in many holistic medicine practices. Brahmi has a reputation for helping with memory along with overall physical and mental health.

How To Take Brahmi

Brahmi can be taken internally or externally. It comes in a pill, tablet, or as an extract. If you are looking to get results on a cognitive level or to improve memory, ingesting the brahmi is the best route to go. It will have a better chance of getting into the bloodstream supplying the body with the benefits of this herb. 

There are also CBD oils infused with Brahmi. If you are looking to improve your skin and hair health, rubbing a little oil with Brahmi into the skin or scalp can help to reap the benefits. Please note, the topical external use of Brahmi will not help with the improvement of memory as well as ingesting it.

Before taking Brahmi, make sure you check with your primary care physician to make sure you are a candidate to incorporate Brahmi into your life. If you are taking any other prescription and non-prescription drugs, your physician can ensure that you will not have an adverse reaction. Once the doctor gives you the green light, you can explore the multiple uses for Brahmi.

A Trusted Holistic Medicine

Now that you heard the history and benefits of Brahmi, it’s time to incorporate it into your life. Centuries of use and positive results do not lie. Begin taking the Brahmi supplement now and as you consistently take it daily, you will eventually begin to see the positive effects from it. You will notice that your memory will be more clear and quick, your overall mental wellness will improve, and your body will receive the physical benefits from the Brahmi.