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Numerology 101: How to Find Your Personality Number

Numerology and what is astrology is an ancient practice that can help you divine truth about yourself, the world around you, future events, and even the universe.

Pythagoras, who famously created a geometrical theorem, is often credited as the founder of numerology. He believed, as many others do, that numbers and mathematical formulas are magical things that prove the existence of a higher power.

An ancient combination of mathematics, language, and philosophy makes numerology what it is today. Numerological calculations may initially seem confusing or complicated. But the process of finding your personality number is relatively straightforward.

What Is a Personality Number?

Numerology can help you discover your life path, your heart’s desire, and so much more. Personality numbers can help you to learn more about yourself and how you think, act, and feel. A personality number is always a single digit.

If you’re seeking to find some insight into your character and how others view you, you must discover and understand your personality number. Let’s get started!

How To Find Your Personality Number

When it comes to finding your personality number, consonants are your friends. Each consonant in your name has a numerical value, and these values are added together to find a sum. Often, this sum is a two-digit or three-digit number.

But, by separating this number into single integers and adding them together, you can usually arrive at a single-digit number. This number is your personality number.

The values assigned to each letter originate from the ancient Chaldean peoples that lived in Babylon.

Letters J and S all correspond to number one. Letters B, K, and T correspond to number two. By moving through the consonants in the English alphabet and counting them 1-9, you can easily create a numerology chart for efficient calculations.

Here is a helpful example of a name’s corresponding personality number. Tom May has four consonants in his name. They can be viewed as T (2) + M (4) + M (4) + Y (7) = 17. This is, of course, a two-digit number. To figure out the personality number, this sum must become two separate integers.

Therefore, 1 + 7 = 8. Tom May’s personality number is 8! This process may take a little practice, but you’re bound to get it down in no time. Once you’ve arrived at your personality number, you can begin to learn more about what that number means.

What Do the Personality Numbers Mean?

Did you find out that you’re a scholarly 7? Maybe you’re a friendly 2! No matter which number you got, here’s some helpful personality number information so you can understand a bit more about yourself!

Number 1

If you discovered that your personality number is 1, you’re a natural leader. But, you likely already know this about yourself. Your ambition is one of your most defining features!

One of the most significant challenges for you is learning patience and compassion. You value hard work and persistence more than almost anything. Meeting people with little confidence can be frustrating for you!

Number 2

If your personality number is 2, you’re an honest person. You tend to act with kindness, and others likely perceive you as being very gentle and trustworthy.

You’re a philosopher that enjoys time alone and time with friends and family. Often laidback and easy-going, you tend to roll with whatever punches life throws at you. However, others may think that you’re moody or emotional.

Number 3

If you’re a Number 3, then you’re pretty lucky! You have some exceptional characteristics, such as charisma, charm, and smarts. This makes you stand out from those around you, as you give off intense energy.

You’re most likely optimistic about most things in life, and you tend to be the most talkative of your friends and family. Don’t worry about annoying anyone — people love your spirit and cheerful attitude!

Number 4

If you came to find that your personality number is 4, then you’re a well-organized person. If you made a chart to figure out your number, you probably used a ruler or straight-edged item to ensure that the table looks stunning.

You’re a frugal, hard-working person that desires appreciation for all that you do. Therefore, it’s crucial that you surround yourself with kind and compassionate individuals.

Number 5

Number 5’s are full of energy. They also tend to have eclectic tastes and interests, an inability to control their impulses, and a vivid imagination. If you’re a Number 5, take heart. You’re the life of the party!

But your exuberance can be excessive, which is why it’s essential for people with this personality number to learn self-control and respect the wishes of others.

Number 6

If you’re a Number 6, then you’re a natural-born caretaker. You may find yourself continually giving advice and assistance to friends, family members, and co-workers. Anyone in need seems to grab your attention!

You are likely generous with your time, energy, and resources. For you, the essential thing in life is making those around you comfortable. This can lead to situations where you’re taken advantage of, though, so be careful.

Number 7

Number 7’s tend to enjoy pursuits of the mind. If your personality number is 7, others likely perceive you as being an enigma of sorts. You’re highly independent, secretive, and academic.

You may keep to yourself and only speak when compelled to do so. Others may see this as shyness or disinterest, but for you, it’s a matter of importance. You tend to conserve your energies for larger, more personal projects.

Number 8

If your personality number is 8, then your intuition is keen. You can judge situations with ease and accuracy, which can allow you to achieve tremendous heights of success. You may tend to surround yourself with powerful or influential people.

However, your controlling nature and desire for attention and affluence could end up being your downfall. Remember to respect the little people, and you should be fine!

Number 9

Number 9 personalities tend to be charitable and influential. As with Number 1 personalities, you may be extremely confident and gregarious. However, this sometimes comes off as pure arrogance to those around you.

While you’re likely talented and a creative problem solver, you may begin to think of yourself as better or above others. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap! While you are undoubtedly exceptional, it is vital that you learn to appreciate those around you.

Embrace Your Personality Number

Though you may feel that your personality number doesn’t accurately describe you, give it some deep thought. Chances are, you may be hiding an aspect of yourself that you do not wish to reveal or embrace.

The beauty of discovering your personality number is that it allows you to feel a sense of connectedness with yourself and with the energy you give to the world! Once you’ve mastered and fully understood your number, you can explore other aspects of numerology, like your life path.

Doing so may grant you the clarity and peace of mind you’ve been seeking!

Libra Men and Libra Women Zodiac Compatibility

Are you in love with a Libra? Are you a Libran yourself? Although many people don’t consider the relationships between people sharing the same zodiac sign promising, two Librans are likely to prove them wrong.

Despite being emotional, Libra men and women are fans of rational thinking when getting involved with someone new. However, in order for two Librans to function together, they need to make compromises, let their emotions command the brain, and try not to avoid conflicts.

Have a look at the compatibility of Libra men with Libra women.


In view of intimacy, Libra men and women are sexually compatible. These individuals aren’t overly expressive regarding their sexual desires and fantasies, which makes them an ideal fit. The moderate temper of Librans doesn’t comply well with the passionate character of other zodiac signs like Scorpio, Leo, and Aries.

Nevertheless, Librans are likely to face problems when taking initiative. The indecisive trait of their personalities seems to take over when they’re about to make the first move. Unless one of the potential partners finds the courage to initiate the first date, the chances of building a relationship are close to none. Click here for an explanation of the traits and personality of Libra. 

When in a relationship, the goal of Librans is to satisfy the needs of the other partner, which means both sides are doing their best to keep the relationship alive. Being mentally compatible is considered a huge benefit in terms of having open conversations on any topic, particularly their sex life. Conversely, their low confidence is likely to lead to judging each other more than they would be judging a partner born under another star sign.


The indecisiveness of Librans has a huge impact on the relationship of individuals sharing this zodiac sign. When being in a relationship, Libra men and women will probably deal with a myriad of trust issues, induced by the uncertainty of the decisions they make. Librans keep on questioning every single sentence they ever said, as well as every word their partners said in search of a hidden message.

Libra couples are undoubtedly most susceptible to experiencing misunderstandings, which might possibly result in a breakup. It’s common for Librans to get a strange feeling something is wrong in their relationship but can’t put the finger on it. Also, both Libra men and women aren’t the most persistent people when it comes to finding resolutions, usually waiting for the other person to make the first move. If nobody takes initiative, the Libra-Libra match is doomed from the very beginning.


While Venus is responsible for providing Librans with an emotional side, Saturn is the one to blame for the cold side of their characters. Make sure you find an astrology site, like, to get familiar with the compatibility between Libra men and women. Even though Libras are capable of loving each other fiercely, sometimes, it seems they aren’t too keen to get involved in a relationship.

Librans aren’t generally considered stubborn individuals, but they can be incredibly obstinate when involved in a romantic relationship. The strong-willed character of both partners can be fatal for their relationship if they decide to shut their emotions off.

Furthermore, the intellectual side of Librans usually takes charge when facing troubles in paradise, encouraged them to embrace rationality while completely neglecting their emotions. If two Libras are about to start a relationship, they need to let go of rational thinking and let their emotions take charge.


Regarding conflicts, Libra couples strive to avoid fights whenever possible. It’s not uncommon for these couples to avoid arguments until marriage. Even when married, rows are less frequent when compared to the frequency of fighting of other couples. However, the absence of conflict isn’t always an indicator of harmony.

When faced with problems, the solution of Librans is to simply ignore them until they disappear. Anyhow, sweeping problems under the rug only makes them bigger as time goes by. Even the slightest issue can turn into a serious problem if Libra couples decide not to discuss it. Hence, Librans are supposed to learn ignorance is not bliss when having a relationship with a man/woman sharing the same zodiac sign. Having arguments once in a while can prove beneficial, not exclusively harmful.


In terms of interests, Libra men and women are much alike, which is crucial for spending quality time together. The outgoing character of these individuals helps them find activities of shared interest. Although both sides are keen on going out, meeting new people, and traveling, they might be indecisive when making agreements in the first place.

Generally, Librans aren’t people that stick to routines and fixed schedules due to their free spirit. However, Libra men and women often find their partners have secret routines they follow, which should be compatible in order for them to enjoy their time together. Libra couples, therefore, need to make some compromises so as to avoid wasting time on deciding what activities to do with their partners.

In most cases, these couples tend to share friends, routines, sports activities, etc. By sharing everything, they seem to avoid the troubles of trying to comply with their partners’ routine.


Libra-Libra matches should be given a chance. These individuals are clever, intelligent, emotional, and highly romantic. Why not date someone with the same zodiac sign?