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A Man Who Is Truly In Love Will Commit To You Without Hesitation, And Anything Else Is A Waste Of Your Time


You’ve likely been told that love is not a smooth journey and that every couple goes through ups and downs and faces challenges and doubts in their relationship. And yes, this is all true. But the truth that most people are afraid to tell you is that when a man is truly in love with you, he commits to you without hesitation.

A man who truly wants to be with you commits to you immediately and without second-guessing. He’s eager to label the relationship. He’s eager to call you “his girlfriend” since he can’t imagine losing you to another man.

The only thing you should look for so as to know whether you and he are ‘meant to be together’ is to ask yourself if you’re with him right here and right now.

Because the guy whom you’re meant to be with will never put you on hold.

He’ll never make you question his feelings for you and where your relationship is headed. In fact, this is something a man who doesn’t want to be with you will do.

A guy who doesn’t love you will feed your hopes with all kinds of excuses and grandiose promises. He’ll tell you everything you want to hear and he’ll give you just as much attention and affection so as to keep you around but he’ll never fully commit to you. He’ll make you feel confused, lost, and unable to decipher if you should hold on and wait a little longer or you should finally walk away and let go of him.

Yes, I know that this is a hard pill to swallow, but if you are in a relationship with a man who is not sure whether he wants to build a future with you, then know that you are with the wrong person. You’re with someone who is just stringing you along. Someone who is just wasting your time.

And the problem isn’t that you’re unable to recognize a bad, one-sided relationship when you’re in one. The problem is that you tend to look only for the “good” signs that you and your partner are destined to be together, which, more often than not, are just a product of your imagination.

You tend to focus on that fierce, consuming passion that you swear you’ve never felt for anyone and on the profound connection that you swear you have never felt with another man.

But the truth is that people who are in a relationship with the person they’re meant to be don’t search for “signs.” They don’t look for reasons and justifications.

They simply are in love. They are together in a loving, committed relationship.

This is a harsh thing to accept but it’s only harsh when you don’t realize that the thing you’re gambling with is your time. Yes, time – something that you can never have back.

You need to understand that a man who really loves you will do whatever he can to be with you. He’ll put in the effort to make the relationship happen. He’ll disregard things like timing and distance. Because that’s what true love does to a person. It makes them rearrange their reality to make space for the person they love.

A man who really loves you won’t fear to take any risks and face any obstacles to be with you. The only thing he’ll be afraid of is losing you.

So, if you’re wasting your time and energy with a man who is not sure about you and who gives you excuses as to why he can’t commit to you in the way you want him to, then end the bullsh*t and let go of him.

Yes, it sounds cruel, I know, but it’s the best thing you can do. Why?

Because if he really wants to be with you, your decision to leave him will smack him awake and make him realize that he needs to do something right away or he’ll lose you forever. Or it’ll show you how unbothered he was to let you go.

Yes, relationships are complex, yet this thing is simple: The person who truly wants to be with you will commit to you.

Riley Cooper