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8 Signs You Are Greysexual And What You Need To Know


Sexuality is a wide spectrum and despite being aware of different types of sexual identities, there is still misinformation and confusion around this topic.

Greysexuality is a term used to define people who don’t want to have sex very often but do sometimes get sexually aroused. However, greysexuality is more complex than not liking relationships or intercourse, so it is essential to clear misconceptions about it.

So, if you are wondering whether you are greysexual here are 10 clues that may explain what you’re experiencing and feeling.

1. You don’t identify yourself as asexual, but you are not much sexual either.

Labels like straight, gay, or bisexual don’t really apply to you (or at least not all the time), but you can’t call yourself asexual either. In other words, you feel as though you exist in a no-mans land, caught between the two extremes without a clue how you should identify yourself.

2. You’ve experienced sexual desire and attraction sometimes, but it doesn’t happen often.

You may meet someone that turns you on and you’d like to be intimate with them, but that happens extremely rarely and under unique circumstances.

3. You tend to get involved in platonic relationships.

Platonic relationships tend to be your thing. You have always formed deep platonic bonds with people, be it family members or friends. And these relationships are the most important to you because they are devoid of sexual contact. Sexual compatibility is never one of the things that you look for in a partner.

4. You have a slower sex drive than anyone you know.

You are not into masturbation or an actual lovemaking with another human being. You may enjoy touching yourself from time to time, but that’s not your thing.

5. You love making out but not making love.

You may enjoy going on dates, holding hands, kissing, and cuddling with your partner, but neither one of these scenarios include actually making love and being intimate with each other. You value intimacy, of course, but not that of the sexual type.

6. You are fine with never having intercourse again as long as your intellectual and emotional needs are met.

If someone promises you a life fulfilled with all types of things that meet your intellectual and emotional wants and needs, but intercourse is excluded – you will say yes without thinking.

7. It is also fine if you don’t identify yourself with any label at all.

You might be a demisexual or a graysexual and still don’t identify with anything from the list, or you may identify with these points but still choose to not identify yourself as one. This is fine, and completely up to you. Labels can be empowering for some people, but they can also be restricting to others.

8. Your experiences and your identity are valid.

Sexual identity can shift quickly across the spectrum throughout one’s lifetime. Nothing is black or white. Your experiences may be different from those of other people but that doesn’t mean that they are less valid. You are a unique and beautiful person and you deserve to do whatever feels good to you.

Mary Wright

Mary Wright

Mary Wright is a professional writer with more than 10 years of incessant practice. Her topics of interest gravitate around the fields of the human mind and the interpersonal relationships of people.
Mary Wright