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7 Ways An Empath’s Love Will Be Something You’ve Never Felt Before


Being in love with someone who reciprocates your love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. However, if an empath falls in love with you, then the feeling is beyond describable. It’s intense, selfless, mesmerizing… something you’ve never felt before.

When an empath falls in love with you, you’ll experience a different kind of love – a love that doesn’t feel like it’s from this world. That’s why you may often catch yourself thinking what you did to deserve to be loved by someone so special as the empath is.

An empath’s love is different, and once you feel it – you can’t go back to “normal love” because…

1. An Empath Is A Natural Giver

Whether you believe it or not, there are people who are selfless and who care about other’s people happiness and well-being. An empath is someone like that. They are those kind and compassionate souls who make us thankful that they still exist on the earth. They are the ultimate helpers to everyone in need.

So, when an empath falls in love with you, it is natural for them to want to give you everyone they have. They will give you their time and love selflessly and unconditionally. They won’t hold themselves back. Sometimes you will get more than you deserve because giving is their true nature.

2. An Empath’s Heart Is Always Broken

An empath’s heart is always broken by betrayals, lies, injustice, toxicity, inequality, and so on. Empaths are very aware of all the pain that exists in the world, and that’s why they will do anything to protect your heart from any pain and hurt.

Moreover, you will never have to worry whether your empath will cheat, ghost you, or break your heart because the empaths always put other people’s needs before their own and they can’t live with themselves knowing they’ve hurt another human being.

3. An Empath Acts Differently When They Are Hurt

Some people might argue that empaths are used to being hurt, but pain is an emotion that no human being can get used to. Therefore, when the empath is hurt, they will get distant and will retreat in order to heal.

The worst thing you can do is let them alone in those moments no matter how many times they tell you they want to be alone. Yes, you should give them time, but you must be there for them. This is the time when you could give back all the love you received from them. And the empath will shower you with even more love and compassion.

4. An Empath’s Heart Is Often Caged

To the inexperienced observer, it may look like the empaths fall in love quickly and easily. However, this is a big mistake. Because when the empath has had their heart broken too many times when they loved the wrong people for so long, they tend to close up and lock their heart thus making it impossible for anyone to approach them.

This is the time when you should fight for them with the same intensity as they would for you. Don’t give up on them like everyone else before. Fight for your empath and your love because when the empath begins to trust you and opens up to you – you will be the one who will get all their love who was being held back for so long.

5. An Empath Is Always Sincere

An empath will always tell you the truth, no matter how painful it is. Empaths hate lying and they also hate being lied to.

That’s why a relationship with an empath is a genuine one. You can entirely trust your empath. And because they are honest, you will always know where you stand in your relationship with them. Plus, you will never worry whether they are manipulating you or taking you for granted because when it comes to empaths, that is never the case.

6. An Empath Is Highly Intuitive

Empaths are highly intuitive individuals. They have the ability to feel and see things that are invisible to other people. An empath can feel other people’s emotions as their own, and because of this – an empath will feel all the things that you feel but don’t say aloud.

You can’t hide anything from your empath. But you know what’s the best thing? The empath will always be there to you whenever you need them because they can feel your thoughts and feelings. And your feelings will always be a priority to the empath as they will do everything to help you anything that is bothering you.

7. An Empath’s Love Is Intense

Being in a relationship with an empath is something you’ve never experienced before. An empath’s love is honest, genuine, intense, passionate… it feels like something that is out of this world. A blessing. A true blessing from heaven.

Have you ever been in this kind of a relationship? Do you have an empath in your life? If you do, never let them go! 

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