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5 Tips to Get Rid of Gadgets


Relaxation is essential for everyone. Today, people use the Internet for this purpose. For example, they surf the web or check out Playamo.com to play slots. Yet, sometimes the Internet and gadgets can affect negatively. In this case, you should go offline for a while, and these tips will help you.

Go Offline With Your Loved Ones

Ask family, friends, or roommates to step away from using the Internet and devices with you for a while. If you give yourself a digital detox but are constantly surrounded by people who won’t tear themselves away from their laptops and smartphones, you’re likely to snap quickly, and it won’t work.

Tell loved ones about the benefits of going offline for a while. People who use the Internet too much are more likely to suffer from psychological problems and get poor sleep. (1)

Tell Everyone About Your Plans

To avoid misunderstandings, let those who may be trying to contact you online know that you are going offline for a while.

If you’re afraid of missing an important message from someone close to you, let them know in advance how you can be reached in case of an emergency. Or ask someone who will be with you at all times to keep you informed of significant events.

Think About Incentives

Negotiate with friends about what kind of punishment awaits you if you fail to stick to your offline plan. For example, agree that for every minute you spend online, you will pay someone close to you $50.

Come up with positive incentives to give up your devices. Spend an evening at the spa or go to the theater to watch a play you’ve wanted to see for a long time, instead of spending the same time on social networks.

Start Small

Going completely offline right away can be difficult. Start with small restrictions. For example, check email no more than twice a day and limit your use of social media and messengers to 5 minutes every two hours. Firstly, leave your laptop and smartphone charger at home, and then force yourself to go out without devices at all.

Find a Replacement

Statistics show that people spend two hours a day on social networks. What else could you spend that time on? To get away from addiction to Instagram, you need to fill the freed time with something worthwhile. What alternatives can you think of?

For example, playing music or drawing. Learn a new language. Cook, dance, or read more fiction. By the way, for many new activities, there are also apps in the phone, and replacing Instagram with a program for memorizing new words in a foreign language is a good option to take a break from social media. (2)

David Smith