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5 Different Types Of Love You’ll Encounter Before You Find Your True Soulmate


The idea of meeting our true, destined love might be the one thing that keeps us people alive and breathing. We idealize the perfect moment, we wish for that one person who’ll provoke a feeling, so pure and inexplicable, a connection so deep we’ve never imagined that even existed.

We dream about meeting that special soulmate who’ll make our heart beat faster and our hands sweat only by looking into our eyes.

However, the truth can be a bit disappointing. The ultimate quest for eternal love will sometimes be long and very challenging. You’ll come across a lot of people in your life, hoping that the true person is just around that corner. And many times, you’ll feel deceived and exhausted.

Exhausted from moving forward.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid. And you shouldn’t give up. Love exists and it’s out there.

But, you know how the story goes. You might have to kiss a few frogs before life reveals the great love you’re meant to experience.

Here are 4 types of love you’ll come across before you meet the love of your life:

1.The FIRST Love

The first love experience in your life is pretty much like riding a bike for the first time. Blindfolded. You don’t know where it’s going to take you, you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it, but you try anyway. Because the new thrilling experience is just stronger than any fear.

You feel those butterflies everyone’s been talking about, you experience the feeling of their lips gently placed on yours and your heart is beating faster than ever. You become quickly enchanted by your partner, and you think that you wouldn’t survive a day without them.

But that’s where you’re wrong. Despite feeling hopeless after ending this relationship, you’ll eventually manage to outgrow the pain. Just like the childhood bruise on your leg that taught you to be more careful.

You learned the first lesson.


As you move on with your life, you’ll eventually meet another person. This love will make you feel like you’ve found the perfect connection with a person, only to leave you confused and heartbroken after a period of time.

As time passes, it’ll open your eyes and you’ll clearly notice your partner has changed. Only they really didn’t change, because it was all an act. You’ll see their true colors. This love will be like an uncomfortable roller coaster ride, taking you to extreme heights and agonizing lows.

Although it’ll end up in a breakup, you’ll learn the most valuable lesson. Self-care is very important and better things are ahead of you!


While searching for the love who will provide you the stability and the security the Difficult love failed to deliver, you’ll come across a person who’ll fall so hard for you that they will do anything for you. The best friend- love.

This relationship will arrive exactly at the moment when you’ll need a safe place. A shelter from the cruelty in this world. And you’ll quickly accept it, despite the fact that you don’t have the exact same feelings.

This person will protect you and will love you more than anything in the world, yet you won’t be able to reciprocate back. You’ll notice that the passion is slowly fading away and all there really was in the first place, was respect and appreciation for their kindness.

You’ll keep pressuring yourself pretending that everything is fine, until one day it just isn’t anymore.


And just as you convinced yourself that true passion and romance don’t exist, your whirlwind love will come and sweep you off your feet. This relationship will be your crazy, stupid, your own romance-novel type of love.

The intense sensation and the mind-blowing gestures will have you thinking he’s the one. Unfortunately, it’ll eventually turn out that it’s too good to be true. This relationship will crash as quickly as it started leaving you extremely confused and emotionally detached.


But right before you give up, you’ll meet the person who will make it look like nothing before them even existed. Your destined soul. The one that was waiting for you, the whole time.

The second your eyes meet, you’ll feel as though you’ve known them from a previous life. You’ll begin to wonder if you ever loved anyone so deeply.  You’ll feel as if you’re dreaming, yet you’ll be wide awake. “Is this really happening?”

And you won’t regret even a second of your life because deep inside yourself you will know that if it weren’t for those previous experiences you wouldn’t have been here today.

You’ve finally found the person worth being in your life. You’ve finally found “the one”.

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